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Originally Posted by Mishba View Post
I?ve been wrapped up in RL stuff and haven?t had the time to readdress this thread. When I posted it I knew what 80% + of the replies would look like. I can truly say the majority of the respondents did not surprise me (sadly).

The post itself only had 1 real question that was the heart of the entire post. ?As I still consider myself a noob, I could be missing something here and this is in place for a reason, if so please help me understand it please? ? Only 1 person answered this question in any meaningful way, Thanks! With his posting I now know why the gem line is in place.

I acknowledge the gem servers a useful purpose used as normal tool, it can help balance the fight to make it go either way, but to use it to it?s extreme as I laid out in my original post, it is also exploitable to the point to force a Shafter out of his intended build.

To keep this as short as possible, I knew about the Marq staff weeks before I posted and the point of my testing was to see a straight Shafter build could overcome a green gem. While I know now why the gem was originally create, I will still argue that the extreme use of prevents is the only case where you can drive a specific build to another build. And because of the Core Imbalance (which no one wants to even discuss) makes the melee and range versions of these nothing more than a nuisance on any level.

If a green gem line forced a BM to move from his whips to dual wielding whatever and took away what makes him a BM the outcry would be endless. The same could be said for the WW Build, give me a green gem that could be loaded by a staff caster and let them eat a few of their 30K openers and the outcry would be endless!!!

Do I think the gem needs to be nerfed, not for normal use. It still provides a needed function. Does the extreme end of that use need to be figured out, well if you ask the one using the gem it?s no and the one it?s being use against its yes. But if you can look past the two sides of the coin you might figure it out. Most of you are stuck in an auto response mode and lost all ability to look beyond your coins side.

Will I pursue any changes? No, I?m done with it after this post. I?ve wasted far too much time on this issue. IMO this was botched a long time ago. If casters where that far out of balanced the core build should have been adjusted not items.

Brookeland ? While I might disagree with some of the info provided in your post, I wanted to say thanks for being a decent person, proving we can disagree and be civil at the same time.

Sanluciferr ? Thanks for answering my question and your coherent expansion on what I was attempting point out.

TSU ? Thanks for the mre suggestion. I did try it, the 800+ all but broke my toon, loss of over 6k hps, and drove other needed stats to near nonfunctional, I lost most of the matches I won prior. So your, along with others, suggestion prior to my testing is the only viable solution. Thanks again.

For those who suggested that the gem line was under powered and need to be enhanced, it?s all spelled out for you on how to abuse them, if you are too lazy to adjust your build to do it, then that?s on you. But to have the nerve to blast everyone that posted against this gem saying they are inflexible and only looking for an easy button and then suggest enhancing a proven exploitable gem to make it easier for you is beyond hypocrisy.
I was a double cast dot when prevents were still blue gems and had a higher success rate of preventing, How I beat them was with a high MRE amount, You have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve the higher MRE. You can still run enough CNT/CNC/MRE to do well against everyone with that setup, if you need help setting it up just let me know I helped lakki setup his stones/stats to achieve it. Some fights you just aren't going to win without RNG on you side. You should have an overall higher chance of actually defeating the preventers now compared to then, but at the same time the people who are actually running the prevents are solid toons not the t1 regen noobs of the past so the fights will be harder in that sense. Yes they are strong if you dedicate yourself fully to using them, but they are by no means unbeatable. If you remove them people will just go pure anti dot setups and you'll run into the same issue. Without these gems that's the kicker though, you have to go to a pure anti dot setup to have a chance vs a dotter. They do insanely high dps compared to any other build. Yes WW's are really strong as well, but you can counter them with the melee prevents that exist(which also prevent pet attacks) as well, which is actually much easier considering they swing so slowly to get those 30k hits you're talking about.
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TSU - Thanks, I will hit you up on your offer. It'll be a little different issue. While I could make it hard for almost any build I'll never be a real contender in 1v1, knowing my limitations isn't one of my failings. The only reason I brought this issue up is because I sincerely thought I saw an exploit and the true reason for it, lol a good lesson for me, as it turns out, trust in Jeff. I'm sure as my other toons finish Pilgs and I start my other LG classes, Ill find other things very similar to this issue. I'll have the common sense to reach out and ask why first. It's too easy to read into a post and miss the intent of the poster, I just flamed players for doing it and I just did it myself to Freaky, ofc I feel like an ass for missing his intent. Anyways, thanks !
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We're all compassionate about the game, it's why we get heated sometimes
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Aww I am compassionate towards you too Choochoo
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