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Dex/Cnc Auras, Font Color Cost, v2.278 Client Enhancements
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Default Dex/Cnc Auras, Font Color Cost, v2.278 Client Enhancements

In order to be viable to builds that don't focus primarily on landing gems, some detrimental aura effects have been modified to have their resists be dependent on the higher of the caster's Dex or Cnc, as opposed to just the caster's Cnc. The target's resist will still be based on Cnt as always. This is for PvE combat only. These special aura gems will now be designated as "Dex/Cnc in PvE" in their descriptions. Those auras include:

-Reaper Aura
-Slow Gem Aura
-Aura of Lethargy
-Devampiric Energy Aura
-Devampiric Mana Aura
-Aura of the Sloth
-Prevent Escape Aura (component of Roots of Vengeance/Phlebotomize)

The cost to change your chat text color will now be drastically lower for low levels. The amount is max equal to the amount a PK can steal from you, but remains capped at 100k gold.

The rank of potions will be drawn on their icon similar to gems.

Some creature name plates were too high and were interfering with combat text. Their location has been changed.

The chat scrolling arrows are now easier to hit and you can hold touch for continual scrolling on mobile.

You can now toggle Animate Other Companions under interface options. You no longer need to own a companion first to do so.
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