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PK Revamp, Jester & Berserker Buff, Arena Simplified
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Default PK Revamp, Jester & Berserker Buff, Arena Simplified

World Player vs. Player Changes

A major PK revamp has been put into place. See https://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=21321 for details.

PK and PKK tops lists have been reset.

The 10 sec restriction on escaping combat after victory now only applies to PvE.

Players can now hold Control and click a zone face to force combat. Normal players can only force combat on PKs and beasts, there is no risk of becoming a PK and thus no danger in spam Control clicking faces outside of town to test for PKs you can attack. PKs will still get a warning message if they try to attack someone who would modify their attackable level range.

Mac users can no longer use the Command key to invoke a right mouse click since it has new more important functionality synonymous to the PC Control key such as splitting stacks and forcing combat. If you truly only have 1 mouse button, you can hold it down for a half a second and it will simulate a right mouse click.

Depending on how rampant PKing is, we are likely to add skills that will make hunting/tracking them easier in the future.

New Legendary Class Buffs

Jesters now also receive a bonus to damage mitigation penetration, melee parry avoidance, and melee block avoidance.

Berserkers now also receive a major bonus to damage mitigation penetration and take 25% (up to 75%) less bleeding and bloodlet damage.

Arena Season Simplification

Every type of arena season will now have the same amount of maximum daily fights (35), token gains (extra token per 500 rating when you win), and bonus %.

Arena losers will get 2 tokens instead of 1 now. 1 token is given for a draw.

Those who win an arena fight get a greater increase to their % arena bonus than before. Losing is the same as before, drawing gives the same bonus as losing whereas before it gave none.

Clan War Minor Mods

Clan warfare credit occurs at the time of victory, not death.

You do not gain credit for your clan from killing someone in clan warfare who you share an IP history with.

Computing the probability that at least one of the following events will occur:
P(a or b ... or z) = 1 - P(!a and !b ... and !z)
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