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Testudo fading shield
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Question Testudo fading shield

Whenever I enter combat I gain a 1,103 fading shield on my level 63.

I had 1.8k hp (down to 1.1k hp now, but the fading shield is the same amount).
Shield level is 23
Testudo is level 23.

Shouldn't I be getting ~2.2k fading shield with 1.1k hp, or the full 2.3k when I was at 1.8k hp?

I thought the testudo formula was the minimum of:
-HP x 2
-Shield Level *100
-Testudo Level * 100

Is combat starting 5 seconds after entering and therefore I'm only receiving half? in that case I would have assumed 1150 while I was at 1.8k hp.

Is this bugged?

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I thought the testudo formula was the minimum of:
-HP x 2
-Shield Level *100
-Testudo Level * 100
It isn't. The skill doesn't scale linearly and according to the skill description, you would still need 100 in Testudo to ever get Shield Level *100 of shielding.
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