Less hate for newbies?
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Default Less hate for newbies?

Quick suggestion to lessen the penalties to truly new players.

Instead of absolutely nothing, limit their daily gold gifts to their level * 1000, so they can actually get decent basic gear and follow the advice given in /c.
An example: a lvl 2 noob would be able to get up to 2,000 gold from another player.

Also, instead of no trades of any kind, allow them to actually purchase gear from players using the gold they have (not in the AH) if they are putting at least 75% of the cost for the gear they want to buy.
An example: a lvl 10 noob has 19,500 gold and wants a bloodclaw. Another player could sell it to him for that instead of to the shop and still get most of the value of the weapon.

This probably could eventually be abused if a player actually got 1000x their level every day, but it's a small enough benefit that it won't make a huge diff in the long run. They'd still have to find someone willing to sell them the gear they want, which is getting harder with fewer that actually craft the lower levels.
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9. Don't make or suggest making the game easier for new players. Nodiatis is not for the weak. An easy beginning makes for pathetic warriors, not worthy of the princess's communions.
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