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Blaze's Crafting Emporium
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Default Blaze's Crafting Emporium

Can currently craft:

+38 stones
t30 cloths
t30 leathers
t30 planks
shield essence
lg shields

6/7 Whips: whip of irresolution, helkok instigator, vampiric dragon whip, boulderling tendon whip, angel hair whip, albino rattler whip, (missing lick of death)

7/9 Staves: Staff of spoil and misery, staff of shielding, enchantrix stave, staff of serpent ice, staff of pain and pleasure, staff of guiding light, wrapped ebonbone staff (missing masq/dragon)

6/8 Quivers: thunder eye quiver, conqueror's quiver, duality quiver, quiver of cleansing, lava vein quiver, quiver of the bequeathing (missing oblit & opal)


t30 geodes

7/8 Bows: Heaven shock bow, bow of slumberskull, thraki's fury bow, bladed samurai bow, ranger's earthflow bow, demontendon bow, bow of the siren, (missing dragon talon)

4/7 Arrows: demontooth arrow, tinged tip arrow, heaven and hell arrow, ranger's revenge arrow) (missing fateseal, Degen, ocean)

9/12 Gems: Coagulate rank 1& 2, focused defense aura, allevium rank 1&2, steel fangs, palliavium rank 1 & 2, Rule of law, (missing anuran, daring, supreme stoic)

in progress:

t30 ingots (0 flameworking)

armor essence (0 armorcraft)


Beastcraft (92/93)

11/14 Pets: armored companion, honey badger, soul devourer, venomback lizard, weasel cuddlebug, war hog,
tommy the turtle, timmy the turtle, dream stalker, toad of triage, flesheater
(can already do timmy),
missing: toad of intransigence, mongo the sly, cow of legends,
t30 oils (0 brewing)
t30 dyes (20 dyeing)
potionmaking (39)

Weaponcrafting (69)

5/5 1h piercers: blight barb dagger, hydra fang dagger, dreadskull swordbreaker, kris of 1000 kisses, forged
dragontooth dagger
5/5 2h piercers: polearm of purity, spear of providence, spear of the unstoppable, demonblood ranseur,
fang spear of conjuration
5/5 1h crushers: demon eye hell hammer, ender of suffering, hammer of unity, doubler, vile tomahammer
5/5 2h crushers: cudgel of solar fury, blighted bludgeon, cudgel of cursed blood,
cudgel of the unmoving, release of the kraken
4/4 1h slashers: sword of solar sheen, sword of deveining, beguiler's blade,
forged hydrafang dagger
4/5 2h slashers: runed flurry greatsword, axe of soul stealing, bloodboiling beheader,
sword of cursed blood (missing decay)

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Old 06-08-2019, 02:46 PM   #2
Boss Hunter
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Maine
Posts: 2,815

doubler, ebonbone, rule of law, coag r1 masters acquired
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