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Glitchless 01-12-2020 03:04 AM

Minor PKK Fixes, More Server Info, Unhidden Creature Faces
Some loopholes allowing PKKs to attack PKs without the necessary amount of gold on them have been closed.

The client now displays 3 numbers regarding current Players Online Categories: Active, AFK, and Total Online. Active means the player has a live browser/client running, AFK means they closed the browser/client without logging off in order to remain logged on for auctioning items, Total is the sum of those two. Previously the number was only updated once every 10 seconds, but they will be updated immediately.

You can now toggle showing Players Online.

On browser you can now Disable Hold Clicks, i.e. holding the left mouse down for half a second to simulate a right mouse click.

Fixed an issue on browser and mobile apps regarding mouseover clipping.

Fixed other minor interface issues.

Fixed what the Seer says about PvP.

Creature faces that were hidden by their target plate health bar have had their target plates moved to give a better view. If you find any creatures that still have problems, please let us know.

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