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Just wondering if you could add a time the Beast spawns with the message. currently the time on the message is when we recieve it rather than when the beast spawns. eg last light a beast was in abandoned docks I got the message after the beast was killed and the time was when I got it. could you like the time to the server time

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I think it'd be great with this app if a history were added. I use it, but close the message, then sometimes (in my old age) I forget what the message was. So if there was a history of last X beast messages, that'd be great. Even more so if we can configure X ourselves. For those with little storage, they might set it to 10 (default), or with large storage, to 100 or 1000.

It'd also be cool, if, when we got an ingame PM to the account linked with the email used on the phone, it sent it to the app as well. Though that might be out of the range of what you want to do, since right now, it's essentially anonymous.
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When we have the app open we tap the gem to turn on/off notifications. But we lack the ability to actually go back and see the message.

For App exclusive beasts, which we seem to be getting more of much to some peoples dismay, it would be nice to have a way to go back and view the last clue. This can be accomplished by allowing us to tap "Legendary Beasts" and "Epic Beasts" on which ever server to see the last clue and possibly if it has been killed yet. This would make it less of a pain to hunt the elusive beasts that have the harder clues.

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