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Default Arena Guides

This guide is the result of a contest held to see who could write the best arena guide. Strategies will undoubtedly evolve from season to season but this guide was a clear winner and was written by a member of the winning team from season 6, Paulodjohn.

Top 10 teams of season 6 overview

Team 10: Noremorse, Gracy and Oneangel

Gracy: Tank with 99 whip, earthfusion legs, Goldwing shield, dragontamer arms for extra dps to pets, fully legend armour. Beastmaster first class which gives no bonus to tanking only slightly better pet heals for pet on the same side as the whip. Stat layout was under 1k defence points. To challenge for top 1.1-1.2k defence stats are needed.

Oneangel: Healer with nearly full legend armour set. No standout armour/staff with significant bonus to healing. Priest class provided class bonus to healing gems along with angel secondary class that provided a match changer resurrection ability and extra % bonus to white healing gems which are the main and most commonly used heals.

Noremorse: AOE caster, earthfusion leg, ebon staff with high magic stat bonus. Spellbound bp with 9% bonus to dd/aoe gems. Warlock class that gives bonus to direct damage gems.

This is a good team that contains a healer which is a must to compete for top spot or near top spot. Tank is a beastmaster so doesn’t have the advantage of class bonus to blocking or tanking. But bigger pet heals, which is not that helpful when there is a healer already present.

Strategy: Gracy would tank with legend shield for nice damage absorption bonus from the shield giving the tank extra defence for every blocked attack/gem. Earthfusion legs add 10% mitigation from every attack received lessening the damage dealt. Oneangel would support Gracy with heals while noremorse would use aoe gems to deal damage. Aoe gems attack all targets but without enough int/cnc the damage would be minimal.

Team 9: Nymm, Mistresselvira and Ghosttamer

Nymm: Tank with paladin first class that gives bonus to beneficial auras such as resist auras that play a vital role again caster dominant teams. Hellram bp and arms that provide a very usefull % chance at triggering a damage absorption shield. Earthfusion legs that provide 6% mit each as they are tier 3. Legend Goldwing shield that gives a damage absorption shield when successfully blocking an attack.

Mistresselvira: Priest class with angel secondary. Giving huge bonuses to healing gems and in particular white healing gems also the resurrection class ability also. Raiden arms and ebon staff for huge magic stats for diversity. Dragontamer bp that gives 9% chance of double attacking with dd gems.

Ghosttamer: magician first class with jeweller secondary class. Class bonus to red magic from magician and a small bonus to all from jeweller. Raiden arms/legs that give huge stats. Dragontamer bp with 9% chance of double attacking with dd gems.

Strategy: This is a solid team, both casters use aoe gems with high int/cnc due to having raiden gear and ebon staff. Nymm is strong defensively as she is maybe one of the best geared tanks. The hellram gear provide her with a lot of damage shields reducing the amount of healing she will need and more importantly reducing the amount of damage received. Once Nymm gets a fast taunt both casters have time to deal damage to all enemies with aoe gems. With the right draw they can wipe out x2 opposing casters pretty quick if they do not have the right defensive setup sometimes an opposing team with a healer won’t be enough to outheal the damage this team does. If or when Nymm gets low on hp this team have two angel class abilities on hand to provide a huge 4k+ heal.

Team 8: Merflynmyst, Dennisthemenace and Evillegend

Merflynmyst: wizard with a class bonus to direct damage and secondary class angel. Raiden legs/arms with ebon staff for huge magic stat bonus and dragontamer bp with % bonus to double attack with dd gems.

Dennisthemenace: warrior class tank with hellram arms/bp and helm all of which give % chance of a damage shield, hellram shield that gives % bonus to amour class that reduces melee damage significantly. Tier 3 earthfusion legs giving 12% bonus to mit, and a whip. No class bonus to tanking which can be the difference between so many tanks.

Evillegend: paladin caster wth bonus to beneficial auras and a heal that is equal to half hp of the user on a friendly target or a smaller heal on self of around 1,250 hp. A very defensively built caster with t3 earthfusion legs, raiden arms, bloodcrystal help that gives % to magic resist depending on tier starting at 5%.

Strategyennisthemenace tanks as merflynmyst uses aoe gems to attack all targets mixed with some heals. Evillegend been a paladin makes use of his class bonus and has magic resist auras with angelic for a boost to heals and 20% extra mit. He also dot gems with some heals.

Team 7: Bucifal, Costeak, Mircicutza

Bucifal: warrior class with bonus to melee attacks. Zircon legs and arms with aliangel bp. Uses legendary 2h crusher. Secondary class enchanter.

Costeak: Warrior class with enchanter 2nd class. Starts fight with 2h legendary crusher then changes to 1h legend crusher with tier2 earthfusion arms legs, legendary shield and helm.

Mircicutza: legend staff user with raiden arms and enchanter 2nd class. Different from other casters in top 10 places as he uses 400+ strength to do melee damage.

Strategy: mirci been a caster starts with flood gem in first slot and tries to use right away with it been shattered. It removes all anti mezz gems from play when it lands thus leaving the opposing team open to mesmerise. Then they use enchanter class to mezz 2 people for 10 seconds and stun the other for 5 seconds. If the opposition clense they would then use another enchanter class ability followed by a third one. In the hopes that they will be fighting half a team for the first 20 or so seconds. They always leave the tank mezzed as the others are easier to kill. They all start with weighted steel gem which gives their attacks double damage. Against a lot of teams they have the power to kill a member with their opening attack. After the opening attack costeak changed from his 2h crush to a shield and 1h crusher and tanks. Most of the time he doesn’t need to tank as they will have killed 1-2 members pretty fast if their enchanter ca is used correctly.

Team 6: Trojan, Mangayatay, Rooboy


Trojan: warlock caster with legend staff and raiden arms and legs. Good magic stats and many epic gems. Warlock gives bonus to death magic dd. Which is the most commonly used and offensive magic.

Mangayatay: vampire/jewlar tank with earthfusion legs, legendary shield, and hellram pieces.

Rooboy: Druid caster with bonus to green magic effects, legend staff with mostly opel armour.

Strategy: Mangayatay uses jeweller ca to draw fast taunts and taunt while both rooboy and Trojan use aoe gems. Rooboy uses angelic aura which gives 20% more mit but also decreases his damage output. He mixes heals with aoes gems. Trojan sticks mostly to aoe but if needed he can and will change pouch to heal the tank if needed.

Team 5: Coprolalia, Roguetiger, Brama


Coprolalia: warlock caster with 99 staff that gives gem draw haste. Raiden arms and legs for high magic stats and spellbound bp for more % damage with dd or aoes.

Roguetiger: rogue class which gives no bonus to tanking, as he does in arena. High tier earthfusion parts with high % mit. Bloodcrystal shield and helm with bonus to magic resist and 9% extra chance of blocking. Uses a whip with shield.

Brama: warlock caster with 99 staff raiden legs and opal parts.

Strategy: Similar strategy to team nymm. Tank with x2 aoe casters. X2 angels for huge heals and res if needed. The 2 casters start with x2 waning wall gems to add a shield for the whole group at the start of the fight. Then when tank taunts they are free to casts without been attacked directly and stunned/mezzed.

Team 4: Alhimyk, Pedrowazup, Smertnik


Alhimyk: Angel caster with legend staff and spellbound legs/arms/bp and demonskull helm. Full pouch of epic gems.

Pedrowazup: Bm tank with earthfusion legs, bloodcrystal helm arms, hellram bp and Goldwing shield. 2nd class tactician for 10 second immunity from all damage.

Smertnik: Warlock caster with ebon staff, raiden arms/legs, spellbound bp and demonskull helm. 2nd class angel for res ability. Pouch of epic gems.

Strategy: Against weaker teams smertnik uses aoe gems while pedro tanks and alhi heals. Versus the better teams pedro tanks, while smertnik heals using angelic and epic heals with reaper aura to lessen opposition’s heals, and alhi uses dot gems. If in trouble they have x2 angel class abilities to revive their tank and the tank has the tactician ability to mitigate all damage for 10 seconds, which can be a life saver when you are ticking for 2k from dots. Also knowing when to clense dot damage at the right time plays a huge role in the outcome of dot vs dot fights.

Team 3: Cyress, Ripple, Tartz

Cyress: jeweller caster with paladin 2nd class. Dragontamer bp with bonus to dot. Raiden arms, 99 staff for haste, spellbound legs with bonus to dots and demonskull helm with bonus to dots.

Ripple: jeweller caster with paladin 2nd class. Dragontamer bp, 99 staff, high tier legs with bonus to dot damage.

Tartz: warrior tank with whip and legend shield. High tier bloodcrystal helm,arm and legs for high bonus to resistance to magic attacks, hellram bp.

Strategy: Tartz tanks and taunts. Cyress and ripple are both paladin so they get nice bonus to group beneficial auras such as magic resist auras and angelic, they make use of that bonus and keep resist and angelic in play during fights. Making it harder to land gems on their tank who already has a high resistance rate with all the blood crystal gear. Cyress and ripple mix cast heals with dot gems. When/if their tank is in trouble they have a big heal from paladin class with they will use to heal up their tank. They sometimes also use drain gems such as defolate which takes equal mana/energy off their target at the cost of some mana every 5 seconds.

Team 2: Kingpk, Jacenty Nautolan

Kingpk: warlock caster with raiden arms, opel bp and legs with 99 staff for haste. Rogue 2nd class for bonus to dots.

Jacenty: darknight tank with high tier earthfusion arms and legs. Whip and bloodcrystal shield with hellram bp.

Nautolan: Priest caster with angel 2nd class. Raiden arms, opel bp and mit legs. Epic heal pouch.

Strategy: Jacenty taunts while nautolan supports him with heals. Kingpk uses dot gems to deal damage and replenished the tank when needed. Some drains are used to try break taunts and attack more vulnerable members. Angel class ability can be used in tough fights or when someone dies.

Team 1: Arach, Thorin, Paulodjohn

Arach: guardian tank with crusher and Goldwing shield. Tactition 2nd class for more parries and 10 second invincibility class ability. Hellram bp, samurai helm and arm, strig legs for % mit.

Thorin: weaponmaster caster with 99 staff raiden arms and legs. Epic heal pouch and angel as 2nd class for increase to white heals and resurrection ability.

Paulodjohn: warlock caster with legend staff raiden arms legs and helm, and spellbound bp. Epic dot pouch. Paladin as 2nd class for bonus to auras and heal ability.

Strategy: Arach tanks while thorin provides heals as paul casts dots. Similar strategy to team Kingpk. Angel and paladin heal abilities if needed and tactician 10 second invincibility also. Thorin uses melee stats to damage with his staff while he heals.


  • As most teams contain mostly casters it is vital to have high CNT stat like most people in the top 10 teams did. 300+ is needed so teams don’t easily kill you within the first couple of seconds with using aoes. Every skill in magic resist increases the power of cnt so high skills are also needed.
  • Watch your opponents that beat you and recognise what gems the use and what way the go about setting up for arena. Learn from your losses and when you do lose try to counter what went wrong
  • Potions are very important to all top teams. If you are a tank a stone pot will be very beneficial. 33% mitigation from a rank 15 can help a ton. Dot casters can also utilize stone pots with no penalty. As for dd casters that’s a choice you have to make. is sacrificing 10% damage for % mit based on the rank of the potion worth it?
  • Lots of tanks have damage shield procs which trigger sometimes or for shields they trigger when they block. One must also decide if it is better to take pets off and have less heals in order to stop triggering the procs and helping the tanks. The same goes for casters who auto attack with defence that would never be enough to do damage. Personally I would take off pets and stop auto attacking when against a tank with damage absorbance proc on their shield since pets and attacks will get blocked most of the time. And when they don’t they will do minimal damage.
  • Resistance to magic gems are really important. The highest rank give 40% additional magic resistance which can mean way more gems will not land so lessening the healing needed on the tank.
  • Class bonuses can be the difference between toons. This season only 1 tank in the top 10 had a tank specific class. Which is a big deal. Also for casters it’s the same. If your healing you would want to have priest/angel classes to have maximum effect. And for dd casters wizard gives a bonus to all dd magic so that or warlock depending on what colour gems you use will be most beneficial.
  • Generally you can make aoe or dd gems pretty worthless with angelic/stone pot and mitigation gear and enough cnt. This can’t be said about dots. Dots were used by all top 4 teams. Dot damage can’t be lessened by a stat like dd gems can. And no int is needed so they need less magic stats then dd and aoe users and can add more defence of melee stats.

Past used and successful strategies
  • Tank and x2 casters. 1 a healer and the other a dd or aoe caster. Both casters would start with apocalypse gem and cast it as soon as the fight starts destroying everyones gems. All 3 would have jeweller 2nd class so they would use the class ability and immediately draw as much gems to fill their slots available. They would have a huge advantage at the start of the fight as the opposing team would have 0 gems in play. Usually this would be good enough to easily kill the opposing team before they could draw enough gems to heal or to deal damage back.
  • X3 enchanter team. Can be casters or melee if will work as long as you setup well and shatter targets anti mezz or anti stun to make best use of the ability. 10 seconds mezz can be a match winner and to have 3 of them abilities will equal 30 second mezz on 2 members and 15 second stun on the target to attack. Of course common sense comes into play here. Using aoe gems will just end the mezz so that’s not a good idea. Also archers can trigger a skill and hit all targets which will also render the ability useless. Same goes for dot users who can with the help of a skill damage all enemies.
  • Recently arena has come to the point where nearly all top teams have x2 casters. Nearly every season the winning team consists of a tank and 2 casters, 1 caster been a healer and the other the damage source. Healers are vital in arena. A team with a healer is most likely to defeat a team that has no healer once they have enough defence stats and protection such as stone pots and angelic auras. Withstanding the early burst of dps that most teams have in the opening 20-30 seconds of arena is the main part of winning. As casters can use the incantation aura and start with 3-4 damage dealing gems each. Once they are all used their dps lowers as they will need replenishes and to draw more gems.
  • As I did last season in arena to claim 1st and 2nd place I took advantage of one skill in particular. Deft recovery. I decided to sacrifice my angelic aura and magic resist auras and have 0 gems in play all the time. With a high level in deft recovery I drew a gem before the cooldown to cast a gem ended. So 100% throughout the fight I was waiting to cast a gem or casting a gem. When I drew a replenish that I didn’t need I would simply destroy it right away so another gem would be available to draw. I used dots so with a draw of all dots I could stack ticks up to 2k within 10 seconds easily. Given the target didn’t die or rupture didn’t happen. This showed to be the strongest strategy of season 6. I would also have 2-4 drain gems in my pouch so to drain the opposing tank and stop him from taunting so I could change target to a more vulnerable enemy. As most top tanks used high rank stone pots my dot damage was lessened but when I got the chance to target others it wouldn’t take too many gems to kill them. Especially if the fight was over 3mins long when the damage boost kicked in.

Gears and stats used by top 10 teams and better pvp gear

  • Legs: earthfusion or strig legs are best as they provide mitigation to all damage. Hellram are also useful but opposing teams can take off pets and stop auto attacking (if casters) therefor reducing the amount of times the hellram proc will trigger.
  • Arms: hellram arms are a good choice, or bloodcrystal as casters will be your main opposition in trying to defend against and bloodcrystal give magic resistance.
  • Helm: Bloodcrystal or hellram are again the best choices of helm. For a tank you want the best defensive gear and none other are as good as hellram and bloodcrystal for the helm.
  • Breastplate: Again hellram is the most commonly used bp. It gives a huge damage shield with the proc is triggered.
  • Shield: The 3 main shields used are hellram which gives a huge % bonus to armour class which in turn causes melee damage to be lessened. Bloodcrystal shield that gives a 9% extra chance at blocking, which is nice in stopping a certain number of attacks getting through and causing damage. Or Goldwing which gives 240 fading damage with every block. This can be very powerful on a guardian who already has a nice % chance to block or on a tank with dreadskull( gives 5% bonus to blocking and parrying chance). The fading damage can add up if numerous attacks are blocked and added with some hellram gear the shields from procs can cause many attacks to be stopped before every reaching the tank.
  • Weapon: Dreadskull swordbreaker is the best weapon for tanks as it stands. The 5% bonus to blocking and parrying outdoes any other weapon with massive defence stats or other procs.
  • Stats: it is vital as a tank to have 140 defence and all defence stat enchants. The more agi/cnt/dur the harder the tank will be to kill. Depending on what teams are your biggest opposition you will consider higher cnt for casters or higher agi for melee users. Mainly tanks tend to go with lower agi then cnt as casters are dominant in arena. 1.1k+ defence stats works well in arena. For melee it is necessary to have some str and dex to increase block and parry chance and some pst to have enough energy to taunt. So 140 melee is also needed. Mst also helps with taunting and recovery helps healing in matches.

  • Legs: Raiden legs are good for both dd casters and healers. They provide essential stats when casting aoes/dd or to ability to enchanter defence if a healer. Opel or spellbound legs are best if you cast dot gems. The 8%/8.5% bonus to dots from tier 1 can be pretty powerful for dot casters. For a more defensive setup or for many healers earthfusion are pretty useful and help lessen damage received, strig legs also provide the same proc only less stats and a smaller stone can be used.
  • Arms: Raiden arms again provide extra magic stats for dd/aoe casters and healers. Also they are good for dot users who wish to up their cnc and chance of landing gems.
  • Breatplate: spellbound and dragontamer are the most commonly used and best bps. Spellbound gives % increase to both dd and dot damage. Dragontamer gives dd/aoe users a % chance of double attacking with all dd/aoe gems and again like spellbound a bonus to dot gem damage. Depending on what you prefer guaranteed damage increase or an increase chance of double/triple/quad casting spellbound and dragontamer are best choices for breastplates.
  • Helms: demonskull is most used helm for casters it gives little dot damage and small chance to crit with all attack. There isn’t a huge difference between each helm, spellbound and raiden give increased mana/energy rates which is good for casters who make use of mst and pst. Bloodcrystal helm is also a favourite by some as it gives 5% resistance to magic which is a nice bonus, and would be a good choice for a healer.
  • Staff: Ebonbone staff is the most used legend staff. If gives 30 int/cnc/mst which with a high doublebond skill will be enormous magic stats. Usefull for allowing for melee or defence enchants. With this staff and raiden gear one can have 1.2k magic stats and still have 140 in melee in defence.
  • Stats: Stats of casters vary depending on the type of caster they are, DD, DOT or Healer. DD casters usually have all enchanted magic stats. 500 melee 1.5k or so magic depending on how many raiden pieces they have or ebonbone staff, and 700-900 def. As a dd 500-600+ INT and CNC is needed with the rest maybe 300-400 in MST. Def layout for all casters is usually the same. Barely any agi, and equal enough cnt and dur. 100 agi, 350 cnt and 350 dur is a good example of how a lot of casters distribute their stats. As for DOT caster they usually have 700-900 cnc and maybe 250-400 mst with little int. They can focus more on defence or melee with the stats DD casters have to put into int. again they tend to have high cnt and Dur and little to no extra agi, because when the opposition are taunted no melee attacks will hit casters therefor no need for agi.

  • Legs: Depending on if you wish to be dps melee or a more defensive melee there is a couple of legs that will work well. Hellram for defensive, demonskull for offensive, dragontamer for whip users.
  • Arms: Again hellram for defensive melee users and demonskull for offensive, dragontamer for whip users.
  • Breastplate: Hellram for defensive, demonskull or aliangel for offensive
  • Helm: demonskull for offensive, hellram or bloodcrystal for defensive.
  • Weapon: Many powerful weapons to choose from, crudgel of solor fury is the most used of the legend weapons.
  • Stats: Again depending on wither you want to be more offensive or defensive your stats will vary from melee to defence. Offensive players will maximise strength and dex while defensive builds will have over 1k defence. Gems play a big role for melee users they can use anti caster gems or cast dot/dd gems of their own.

Sample strategies for present and future seasons
  • X3 caster enchanters. A strategy I have wanted to try out. The idea is for all casters to start with apo in first sloth and angelic/anti stun/anti daze auras with high stone pot. It works best if the casters are all dot users and have deleveled outbreak to 0 so not to trigger the skill and damage all enemies resulting in a break in mezz from the enchanter ca. The casters open by casting apo then 1 of them uses enchanter ca and mezz x2 and stun the third member of the opposing team. Then with deft recovery they can fast draw dots and kill the first person they target pretty fast. If the 2 that were mesmerized cleanse then the casters can cast enchanter ca again 2 more times. This should give 3 powerful casters enough time to kill 1-2 of the opposing team without taking much damage. Then when left with 1 enemy the fight should be basically over.
  • An interesting strategy for a tank and x2 caster team is x2 healers supporting the tank. As the time goes by the arena damage boost will kick in and get stronger. After a certain amount of time if both casters switch to aoe or even dot they might be able to make light work of an opposing team that has only 1 healer and 1 dps. Switching back and forth from heals to damage gems can be useless in fights depending on what the opposing team does. Not many teams will be able to hack through x2 good healers and a tank. At the right time the two casters changing to damage might be too much to deal with given the power of the damage increase.
  • Tank with x2 casters with 2nd class enchanter also would be a nice tactic if used right. Again Apo or flood gem to remove anti mezz from play be used in first slot for casters then from there they will have a couple of seconds free attack on what every target they choose if they communicate properly and are organized right.
  • Teams with 1 tank and a healer and dot user also do well. If the dot user keeps his gem slots free he can cast non-stop with the help of deft recovery adding up nice ticks with the rapid casts. It’s important to have high cnt and use angelic with stone pots to withstand as much damage as you can.
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This guide comes from Stormwizard and won 2nd place.

General Builds from top 10:

AoE/AoE/Tank - consists of 2 Direct Damage casters, using the "to all" gem lines, and a tank. The casters use primarily Red/Black, as Warlock/Wizard is generally the class selection for high damage casters, although Green and White gems can be added and are sometimes better, depending on class selection and also because Death Resistance auras(red/black) are the most commonly seen in arena. The tank is generally a whip user, for the added chance to growl and the bonus to pet heals that the whip gives, allowing them to soak up enough damage to let the casters kill off the other team before the tank goes down. Generally shatters are focused on the resist auras pertaining to your gem selection, usually death resist auras.

DoT/DoT/Tank - consists of 2 Damage over Time casters, and a tank. The DoT users simply have large amounts of DoTs in their pouch, generally poisons, since there are 2 gem lines(and epic versions, of course) that are poison, and stack together. Other DoT types only have 1 line, so you need lower rank gems to complete your pouch, losing out on DPS. The DoT skills allow mana and energy to be regained, so few burst gems are needed, and they also cause a heal over time, helping themselves and/or the tank to survive longer. DoT users are also very good at killing off tanks, as DoT gems aren't considered attacks, so are unable to be blocked. The bonus of being able to use angelic aura without the reduction of DPS is a solid defensive boost to lower damage taken through AoE damage from any source. Again, the tank is generally a whip user, but can be a melee user as well, as the HoT procs from DoT damage helps nicely with survivability.

DPS/Heal/Tank - consists of a DPS caster, a pure healer, and a tank. The DPS is usually an AoE DD user similar to the one above (in AoE/AoE/Tank), however this one can have fewer defensive/support gems, and go with an almost pure damage oriented pouch, due to having a healer. They can also be a DoT caster(as in DoT/DoT/Tank), using primarily poisons. The bonus to mana/energy and added heals can leave them self-sufficient, allowing the healer to focus solely on the tank, and not need the extra bursts. The healer is focused primarily on heals, but also probably has some extra burst gems to keep the DPS going(if DD user) when they aren't healing. The tank is generally a whip user, but can easily be any type of melee. A whip isn't needed, as the healer gives the tank a much bigger survivability rate, allowing the DPS to whittle down the opposing team. Primary shatter targets are usually resist auras and sometimes impervious auras to allow the caster to use theft runes.

2H/2H/2H - consists of 3 meleers, all using 2H'ers and weighted steel auras. The higher the max damage, the better, so generally crushers are chosen, however slashers do very well also. The main idea here is to kill the opposing team's DPS in the opening volley of combat, and hope the other team doesn't have an angel, with their nefarious ability to rez a friend. The other main option, is to kill the other teams angel, provided you know who it is. With no ability to rez, you simply have to whittle down the 2 remaining players. The high damage per hit is also a strong option against teams with healers and/or good tanks, if you can take off a large enough chunk of health, they won't be able to recover from it. This style of team can also use a tank and two 2H users, however generally making the fight 3v2 right away gives them enough of an advantage to win most battles easily.

Other Solid Team Builds/Builds from the Past:

DoT/Archer/Tank - This is a variation on the DoT/DoT/Tank. Instead of the 2nd DoT user, a bow user is inserted instead. This bow user is generally a archer/DoT hybrid, also using poisons to supplement his bow damage, and his partners DoT damage. When enough poison is built up...BLADOW!!...down goes an opponent. DoTs and archers both have an AoE skill(outbreak and arrowrain, respectively), allowing a good amount of DoT damage to build up while not even targeting a certain person, possibly even killing them off early with a bladow. The archer can choose to equip a whip or shield as well, although slowing down the bow, along with the chances for bladow and poisonshot procs, it does increase survivability through defense and pet heals, and add some pet damage.

BM/BM/Tank - One of the hardest teams to kill off: Two dual whip users, and a third whip user tanking with a shield. With all the parries/growls/prevents/blocks going on, this team can be really frustrating. The amount of bleeds that get stacked from all the pets can be devastating, even out damaging heals at times. Not to mention when the tank is almost dead, either of the BMs can toss out the occasional taunt, soaking up some of the damage while their tank heals. Rotating taunts, and working together to shatter rabid auras is the ideal strategy here. With the addition of the new Vaccination aura preventing rabid from affecting pets, the survivability of these team types can skyrocket into the damage bonus and allow bleeds to overcome heals. Primary shatter targets would be rabids(if no vac. aura) and stoics to allow your team to attempt to stun-lock an opponent.

Archer/Heal/Tank - a slight alteration to DPS/Heal/Tank, this team type uses an archer as it's DPS. Bow+Whip+Shield+Gems, it takes a fully equipped archer to pull off, but when done properly, can be a solid team. The archer can choose to go DD or DoT, DoT being preferred nowadays as they can support the bladow skill, but either works. The healer will have their hands full during the fight though, both healing and using bursts to keep the archer casting to full efficiency. The tank can use whip or any melee they choose, as having a healer negates the need for pet heals to stay alive. Faith/Dest/Gwen pulled this off very well in the first arena season, but since then, everyone has raised defense skills and it's much harder for a single archer to kill off a strong opponent, and the damage boost to arena after 3 minutes makes a defense oriented team less ideal.

Archer/Archer/Tank - consists of 2 archers using DoT gems, along with a tank. These archers together, with opening shots, DoT gems, and the bladow skill can make quick work of anyone given a couple solid ambushes or trishots. If that doesn't happen, DoTs help greatly against tanks, as archery alone has some problems with deflects. Two high end bows can do some ridiculous damage, and they can always both toss whips on during the fight when they need some extra healing. The DoT Gift of Light procs can help with healing as well as heal the tank some to help survivability. The tank would probably stick with a whip for this grouping, as there is no healer, and that provides extra pet heals and some growls for higher survivability.

DD/DD/DD - Three direct damage casters. Probably one of the most fun teams to play(as, not against!), although very squishy. These casters can choose to use AoE gems, or single target gems, as long as they communicate and focus on 1 person to start with. Reminiscent of the 2H/2H/2H team, all targeting the enemy DPS or angel first, the main idea is to kill the other team as fast as possible, before they can manage to start hitting back. The biggest bane for this team are a couple good shield users, and multiple resist auras, which can reduce and redirect their damage back on them. They can, however, choose to all focus on different color gems so that some of them will get through, or all use the same colors and simply shatter those resist auras.

DoT/DoT/DoT - Three DoT casters, is another fun team to be a part of, and it's surprisingly strong without any tank. Angelic auras here are a must, and the DoT caster's skills allow a decent survivability rate. To take one down means hitting them with a massive amount of damage almost instantly, as all three can use Gift of Light procs to heal them back. There won't be any immediate kills here, but the massive damage from ruptures, outbreaks, and deathflows, coupled with dazes from intoxicate, can take down anyone and any team very quickly, and prevent healers from stopping death, since ruptures can trigger at anytime. If this team is allowed to get going, there is no stopping it. Shatter targets would be Lucidity auras and first slot DPS gems or weighted steel auras.

Top 10 from Season 6:

Paulodjohn/Thorin/Arach - DoT/Heal/Tank - DD'er turned DoT'er, 2H Crusher turned Healer, and a Tank turned into a beast. This team came together and worked together to build the strongest team they could, and that they did. Pure characters seem to work out better than hybrids in most cases, and these 3 put that on display. Spending time on getting strong legendary armor and weapons, and as many full sets of epic gems as possible allowed this group to climb to the top rapidly. Paulo's huge CNC pool allowed his DoTs to take maximum effect against most teams, rendering them incapable of out healing his DPS, while his procs from dividends and Gift of Light keeping his hp/m/e pools topped off so he could constantly cast. Thorin's suit, build for mitigation to keep him, and his angel CA "emergency button" alive for the first few seconds, and larger Pst/Mst pools to support his heals keep his team topped off and to allow Arach to survive the hardest hits and multi attacks throughout the fight. Arach, pulling taunts immediately, protected Paulo/Thorin from taking more than 1 round of attacks, kept his team going giving Paulo plenty of time to kill of opponents. It's a no-brainer why these guys won arena this season, their team was built as a whole, not needing a set of tricks to kill off other teams.

Cyress/Ripple/Tartz - DoT/DoT/Tank - 2 Very strong DoT'ers, and a solid tank. Cy and Rip are both top end casters, tossing out high rank poison gems like nobody's business, as their jeweler class allows them to draw gems faster than anyone. Both built with high CNC and legendary equipment for added DoT damage, their dps was above and beyond most teams. With high defense stats, coupled with angelic auras and the new shield gems, allowed them to survive just about any onslaught that came their way, and more importantly, keeping both alive past the opening round. Both were able to heal as well, on top of their DoT Gift of Light procs, to keep Tartz alive if he were to ever take too much damage before they had ruptured the other team to death. Tartz going jeweler 2nd class for immediate taunt draws meant that the casters could focus on killing more than healing to start with, stacking poisons high to prevent teams with healers from stopping the impending death. Using shield gems in the first slot as a caster helped to mitigate damage from full DPS teams, blocking most of the damage and allowing Tartz to taunt, and also letting their pouches have less heals and more DoTs for damage. Also having mana/energy draw runes didn't hurt, letting these two drain tanks and dps toons alike, preventing casters and taunters from doing what they were meant to, causing easy deaths.

Kingpk/Nautolan/Jacenty - AoE/Heal/Tank - Strong AoE'er in Kingpk, added with a priest based healer in Naut, and Jacenty, a solid tank. This group will cause problems for any team. Building up legendary armor with top end epic gems for DPS and healing makes a dynamic duo. AoE DPS is hard to match, or out heal, and AoEs are the best way to get around opposing tanks as a DD'er. Nauto healing off the first round of damage giving time for Jacen to get some taunts out, then focusing on healing or adding in some more DPS depending on the team made for some quick wins and fast rating. Nothing too fancy here, as dps/heal/tank is the "cookie-cutter" form for 3v3 arena.

Smertnik/Alhimyk/Pedrowazup - AoE/Heal/Tank - Another typical cookie-cutter group. Smertnik is a great DD caster, tossing out DPS with the best of them. Alhimyk, and angel primary healer easily kept his team alive, with his angel CA kept in reserve for those teams than managed to kill Smer off in the opening round. Pedro, being a BM tank, built with huge CNT to avoid as much caster damage as possible, both from DD and DoT'ers. Alhimyk was often able to switch to his DoT pouch to add DPS to Smertnik in order to kill of many teams without much trouble, but stayed healer against other top DPS teams who might manage to bring Pedro down.

Coprolalia/Brama/Roguetiger - AoE/AoE/Tank - a couple strong casters paired with a rogue gone tank. These guys used AoEs to knock off most teams even when being taunted by a tank. A couple angel CAs(especially one on a tank) in reserve doesn't hurt either, if a caster goes down, they can be revived and make excellent use of deft recovery in order to toss out some high DPS unimpeded, actually sometimes making it worse to kill either caster off before the tank. These guys also mixed in a few heal gems into their AoE pouches for added survivability, and heals after the angel CAs were used.

Rooboy/Trojan/Mangayatay - AoE/AoE-Heal/Tank - a very well made hybrid group, having 2 AoE casters, but with one also being a strong healer, and as such having heals mixed into his pouch. They also made a good use of multiple colors of AoE gems to help get around resistance auras, Roo as a druid focusing on green, and Trojan, a warlock, focusing on red. Manga is one of the strongest BM tanks, having high survivability with no help from healers, so a pure healer wasn't needed to create a strong team, only a caster with a few heals mixed into his DPS pouch.

Bucifal/Costeak/Mircicutza - 2H/2H/2H - probably the most frustrating team to fight in arena, these 3 took the 2H LG crusher builds to the next level, tossing in a few enchanter CA's. Shattering a few stoic and focus auras, casting the enchanter CA, and then all attacking the stunned target so as to not break a mez. Oh, and who can forget weighted? All 3 using weighted steel auras, causing massive damage to their first target, very few could survive without the help of an angel CA later. Once the first was down, a 2nd enchanter CA would be used on another target, generally saving the tank for last. That tank would have no chance against all 3 2H'ers once his 2 friends were already dead. Even when someone was smart enough to use cleanse, another enchanter CA would re-mez them, preventing any retaliation. Only the best teams could survive long enough to do damage to these three.

Merflynmyst/Evillegend/Dennisthemenace - AoE/AoE/Tank - a solid pair of DD casters, gone AoE's for arena. Merf being a wizard primary allowed him to use all colors effectively, and not just the red/black like warlocks like to focus on. Evil was a paladin, getting his bonus to himself and Merf through Flamecall, and also allowing him to dabble in different colors than the typical warlock. He also had a bonus to angelic aura, and in turn getting a boost to heals when needed. Having the Paladin AC gave them a panic button to keep someone alive, most likely whoever was focused during the opening attacks. Dennis is a solid tank and all around char, helping this team survive by taunting and absorbing the damage like a pro.

Ghosttamer/Mistresselvira/Nymm - AoE/AoE/Tank - Ghost is one of the strongest DD casters, her going AoE should make everyone tremble in fear. Teamed up with Mistresselvira as a priest gave this team added DPS from another caster as well as a bonus to heals when they needed it. Decked out in legendary gear only gave the pair added stats and DPS. Nymm is a paladin, taking on the role of tank. A solid toon all around, using her legendary shield to tank made her incredibly hard to kill. With a heal here and there, and the DPS being dished out, this team had no problems rising to the top 10.

Noreremorse/Oneangel/Gracy - AoE/Heal/Tank - A well built team that worked together. Nore built for pure DPS, mostly AoE but is also proficient at DoT, with Oneangel healing away as a priest/angel, and Gracy tanking, as one of the strongest BM's. Decked out with legendary gear, builds set for their role on the team, only the best teams could contend with them. High DPS with one of the best healers in the game including an angel CA means that you probably aren't gonna get one of them down in the opening round, which means the taunts are up. Once taunted, simple heals and AoEs to kept them alive and killed off the other team...Better luck next time!

For all teams and players, a few general tips:

-Don't forget to shatter! Sometimes getting rid of that single pesky aura can turn the tide of battle to your favor!

-Work with your team, discuss your strategies and the direction each of you are taking your toon, and try to line them up so you can build off of each other. Synergies can be devastating!

-Don't be afraid to try new things. New builds, or getting a new gem line may take time, but it may prove to be more effective for your team.

-You may only get 10 seconds before the fight starts, but you should all be trying to kill the same person. make sure you know who that is(usually the DPS)!!!

-Don't be afraid to fiddle with your stat ratios. Find what works best for you for a mix of DPS or survivability.

-Good Luck and have fun! Don't's just a game!
Computing the probability that at least one of the following events will occur:
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btw...i wasnt angel at any point in that season

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nice strategy, blows mine out the water

liking stormys as it isn't just for caps with full lg gear, any lvl can pick up tips with it
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post

Honorable mention goes to Emiliastormrage, Roguetiger, Hustlerking, Chloe.

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Kingpk wasn't and AoE caster to claim our spot

Cyress' team didn't use GOL to heal the tank

Pedros team shared responsibility and used DoTs against the other teams above them along with smertnik healing and Ahli going DoTs

Bucis team didn't use 2h lgs near the end

On DTM team Evil was a DoT user

Sorry but how did storms strategy beat mine?

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and as Oneangel said, she wasn't an angel at any point in the season. It would seem that guide is inaccurate in several areas
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Tied for 2nd Place was Concede's entry:

Section 1 Top Ten Teams
Section 2 Roles Within the Team and General Build Info
Section 3 Role Advice

Section 1

Top Ten Teams
(note: primary roles are capatalized & some of the more versatile teams shared roles under certain circumstances)

1. Arach, Paulodjohn, Thorin- Compiled of what every championship team has had, a tank, dps, and a healer. More specifically Tank/DoT dps support/Healer support. Went up against the best and they claimed their spot well before the end. Primary Guardian class as the tank, Warlock DoT dps, and Warrior healer. They may have used their 2nd class choice to further boost their roles but that is not mine to reveal as with all teams. Based on this they won without the major benefit of primary class other than the tank. They communicated and worked well together to achieve that.

2. Jacenty, Kingpk, Nautolan- Another team with a similar setup, Tank/DoT dps support/Healer support. Went against the best and lost more times than not to the other teams 1-4, but made them work for it each time. Primary classes being Dark Knight tank, Warlock DoT Dps, Priest Healer. Once again 2nd class may have been used to boost their primary role within the team as with all teams. The tank had a nice boost to detrimental auras (reaper, sloth, devamps,....). Warlock didn't gain much benefit from first class by using DoTs. Priest healer boost to all heals. This team had the lowest combined xp by far.

3. Tartz, Cyress, Ripple- More of a unique team with amazing damage prevention, potent healing, and massive dps potential. Compiled of Tank/DoT dps support Healer/DoT dps support Healer. A top team who was a threat to anyone and very controlling as soon as the match starts. Primary classes being a Warrior tank, Paladin DoT dps/healer, Paladin DoT dps/healer. The support toons took on the same roles being a reflection of eachother, requires a very balanced pouch on both regards along with familiarity.

4. Pedrowazup, Smertnik, Alhimyk- Very well rounded team being able to pull out almost any tactic to catch you off guard. Tank/Dps healer support/Healer dps support. The casters could switch roles with ease depending on which form (DD, DoT, Deplete, Healing) was most potent against which teams. Sometimes the most effective way to disassemble a team is to go after their hitpoints last. This team will always be a conteder. Primary classes are Beast Master tank, Warlock dps healer support, Angel healer dps support. Probably the most versatile team there in this competition.

5. Roguetiger, Brama, Coprolalia- Powerful team with great burst dps. Tank/DD dps support/DD dps support. They came out of the gate firing and attempting to take the support away immediately. Teams 1-4 were able to control this dps with heals and capatalize on their lack of heals as the match wore on. If they are able to last and given enough time the Direct Damage of these casters has a chance to take any support toons out, seemed like stamina may have been an issue at times when they did hold out to this point. Regardless a very effective, capable team that did well together.

6. Mangayatay, Trojan, Rooboy- Another powerful team with great burst dps. Tank/DD dps support healer/DD dps support. They worked well together but ran in to similar issues as team 5. Still a very capable team and their burst dps was frightful at times. They have shown their might in more than just PvP.

7. Dennisthemenace, Evillegend, Merflynmyst- Their roles accented the battle field well and came at you with a little bit of everything. Tank/DD dps support healer/DoT dps support healer. This team had potential to beat any other with their setup. May have had similar issues as the prior two teams but to a lesser extent. Seemed like they won a good portion of their fights being down 3vs2 at some point in the fight. Very deserving of a spot in the top ten, though I think the ranking doesn't show this teams true vigor.

8. Costeak, Bucifal, Mircicutza- Another very versatile team. They got their spot in the top ten as a melee team primarily Melee LG Crush dps x3, attempted to change to Tank/DoT dps/Melee dps, Healer support in order to further their position which seemed to be unsuccessful. A devastating team towards the beginning of the season which teams managed to control as the season end grew near. They communicated well together and the versatility of their toons is how they continually wind up in the top ten season after season. They were frustrating to say the least.

9. Nymm, Ghosttamer, Mistresselvira- Team with huge dps that came in during the final week with long hours and catching teams off guard. Tank/DD dps support/DD dps support. They were demoralizing in the end to some teams with the burst dps and a hefty tank that seemed to give them a slight edge over other teams with a similar setup allowing them to generally win more than they lost. Noteworthy names that are likely to appear in this list again.

10. Gracy, Noremorse, Oneangel- A very persistent team that will hold a spot in the top ten for long to come. Tank/DD or DoT dps/Healer support dps. Stat setup seemed to be PvE opposed to more specific PvP roles. This is another team whos current standing doesn't correctly depict. They amplified with each fight and without a doubt were the most under rated team. They should be watched in seasons to come.

The reason I pointed out the primary classes on the first few teams is that with many, class bonuses may not give them the best benefit given the roles within the team. Of course you want every advantage you can get but it comes down to the coordination of the teams. Management of your toons stats and equipment to take full advantage of their role and within the matches to assist eachother by replenishing Mst/Pst and wear down the other team by avoiding and absorbing damage, dps of any form (health, Pst, Mst), and effective healing. Gear and skills also play a role undoubtedly, but there are several instances where the under geared or/and out skilled team upset the more viable build.

There are several other noteworthy teams not included in this list. Of which, many had the potential to be included in it.

Section 2

Roles Within the Team and General Build Info
(For general purposes I would like everyone to assume skills for the specific role are max penalty or near. Since stats mean little in most cases without skills.)

Tank- all stats will be a round a bout area
Melee Magic Defense Recovery
Str-400 Int-negative Agi-325+ Pre-negative
Dex-200 CnC-120 to 200 CnT-500+ Mre-negative
Pst-150+ Mst-180+ Dur-250+ Reg-natural

This just depends on what you have to fear in opposition or you feel to be the biggest threat. Mine would be casters yet at this point in the game.

Weapon: Epic 99 and several lg weapons can accent this build.

Helmet: This is between 2 options, Hellram or Bloodcrystal. I find hellram to be great for Armor class and base stats along with a decent fading shield (i find the damage shields become less useful as the match wears on due to damage boost) opposed to the Bloodcrystal with similar base stats and ac (armor class) has a much better proc against the magically inclined with a 5% resistance boost (which is just as effective start to finish). Since i view magic to be more of a threat my choice would be Bloodcrystal

Breastplate: Due to base stats and ac (armor class) and the role in questions, Hellram

Sleeves: We have Hellram, Bloodcrystal, Earthfusion as the choices for this role or Dragonamer. Hellram is great for ac, base stats, and proc. but as mentiong prior the efftiveness of the proc becomes less as the damage boost kicks in and you start dealing more dps with all attacks. Bloodcrystal proc. helps against the what i view to be the biggest threat in terms of kill power by always being there and not becoming less effective as the match wears on. In that sense Earthfusion is a valid choice as well die to reducing the amount of damage taken from all sources and always being in effect and Dragontamer would be an toss up for Whip users. It's a coin toss between Bloodcrystal and Earthfusion

Legs: Between Bloodcrystal and Earthfusion imo, although Dragontamer is viable for a whip user. Due to base stats and enchanting potential my vote goes Earthfusion

Shield: Goldwing or Bloodcrystal? Goldwing has the highest ac with a great damage shield proc., however if you're not a guardian class the block chance from bloodcrystal is a must.
My preference is with Bloodcrystal block chance

Bow: you have several options, just look for best base stats for a tank and enchanting potential. Ideal would be 99 epic Nightkeeper or Soulthief

Quiver: 83 quiver is great for base stats, idealy Lava Vein Quiver

Arrow: doesn't matter, it's only intended to temper.

Ideal runes: Stone, Shell, Antimagic, Assurance, Quicksteel/Crit/Aggression (all depends on whip user or non)

*Guardian/Tactician- this would seem to be the obvious choice due to the class bonus allowing you to avoid damage all together. The guardian class works wonders against and team who uses physical damage of DDs and provides more safety than others due to completely avoiding and providing the chance to reflect the damage back to ranged and Direct Damage casters, which with damage boost can equate to quite the hurt. The tactician 2nd class combat ability gives the option when DoTs start to tick fairly high due to damage boost or a nice string from the opponent, and cleanse may not be an option, to negate some of this damage for up to 10s....which can circumvent your opponent long enough to heal up, wait for clease to become an option again and turn the fight around. The tactician 2nd class also provides a nice little boost against those heavy melee hitters who's str compared to tanks str+agi allows them to bi pass the chance to block slightly.

other great options:

Paladin/Dark Knight/Alchoholic primary with Jew 2nd(or guardian, which the benefits were covered prior)

*Paladin-gives a nice boost to resist auras which can keep those casters or Archers at bay due to CnT providing a chance to reduce(for casters) and avoid (archers) this damage and paired with skills/auras providing a chance to avoid(casters) damage all together. Both are very important ( if you must take damage at least minimize it). In order to get the full advantage of these auras however your CnT must equal a casters CnC, which is very hard to obtain. If you can come near to with proper protection/magic skills to provide increased chance to resist you will do fairly well with 450+ CnT since it also helps reduce gems from doing their full damage. Pally CA is also huge due to Stat skills reducing the amount of damage you would do to yourself and if you have a damage shield it would effectively take from that prior to targeting your HP. It is a very nice heal to have as an option.

*Dark Knight-primary gives a very nice boost to reaper, sloth, and other detrimental auras. Which can slow your opponenets healing, attacks, gem draws giving you the upperhand granted they remain in play. (must always be prepared and if you rely on specific auras 2 in your pouch is a minimum. know when to shatter apoc. or auras because they can detour your progress drastically). DK also gets a slight damage boost for all attacks pvp which is very nice for your tank to be able to outdps the other. The CA isn't incredible right away, but after the damage boost starts to kick in, around 6 minutes the DK CA can be fearsome as it is almost doubled (granted learned defense of the opponent, which you always want to assume they are maxed, just like poker, always assume they have the best hand the cards show).

*Alcoholic-is another very nice option for a first class as a tank. The chance to avoid a daze and damaging, stun, daze or mess yourself or teammates is very nice. Any of these occuring could cause serious strain on the fight. The class bonus to potions is an awesome class bonus. Under some cicrumstances the class bonus may not be a significant boost but this class allows the potential to mitigate more damage or have the highest ac of any other class filling this role. (Stone potions are generally preferred in arena combat)

*Jeweler-is a great 2nd class due to a slight boost in draw rate in order to cycle gems, and get the proper auras/discourage jeweling/ taunts out to prevent damage or keep the toon involved. With a 2 minute cooldown and now being able to right-click to remove any gems in play you can get a fresh selection bringing out the gems you want/need for the moment.

A fairly balance pouch would include:

5-8 auras depending on class, importance and opponents (e.g. 3 oppossing enchanters. 2-3 anti mezz and 0-1 impervious. This allows for them to shatter 2 of the anti mezz and be able to cleanse once. You may still get hit with one enchanter CA but in this instance your allies will be mobile granted they have the proper auras (1 stoic/focus). If they choose to target the tank to stun him right away his testudo will take the impact while your support are still are able to function with focus/cleanse. Impervious allows a setup for other teams that are more inclined to use theft/draw runes and auras.

4 beriali and 4 derinium to control your draw a little better and eliminate the lower ranked taunts/discourage

That leaves 34-37 gems available for the pouch. The rest would be devided between high rank challenges (4-8 low rank provokes for when you are drained since high recovery skills should tick enough to allow these) and Discourage Jeweling or Incidental Redirections. The reason i choose majority challenges opposed to provokes. They last longer, and you want low ranked provokes for when you may become drained in order to maintain taunts until your support can replenish.

4 rank 5-7 challenges
4 rank 1 & 2 provokes
4 rank 5-7 Discourage jeweling
4 r7 incidental redirection (may swap these for 4 r3 provokes or r4 challenges)

Melee Magic Defense Recovery
Str-neg/200 Int-even Agi-even Pre-negative
Dex-even/neg CnC-400 CnT-450 Mre-negative
Pst-450+ Mst-450+ Dur-300 Reg-even/neg

Weapon: Idealy 99 epic staff or LG staff

Helmet: Since your support should not be taking much damage directly my vote goes to Bloodcrystal

Breastplate: This is all preference, ideally you'd want good base stats to magic skills with decent ac. If the proc benefits another role you hold within the group then that would be manageable. My choice would be Spellbound or Dragontamer

Sleeves: as for any caster i find the most benefit being Raiden

Leggings: Depends on the role, my choice would be Earthfusion

Ideal Runes: Blessings, Antimagic, Gem Haste, Incantation, can choose between thefts/draws depending on roles, or ironclad and aggression if dedicated healer.

As primary classes your best choice are but not limited to as any caster can fill this role well with skills and proper gem selection:


*Paladin-first allows for a class bonus to angelic rune...which with angelic almost brings it's healing ability to par with Priest/Angel class bonus. Along with this it also provides a nice damage mitigation boost with angelic along with further boost with Potions or gear. The CA a nice heal (covered earlier, Huge heal to ally or smaller to oneself where damage taken by self can be reduce with Stat skills and taken from and fading/non fading shield you may have) Paladin is probably one of the most versatile first classes to choose since it can potentially fill any role with great success and change roles in an instant if required.

*Priest- first gives the biggest all around boost to heals. The down fall is with the recent appearence of new heal lines which are primarily white you don't find yourself using many green magic heals. The group heal can be benificial at times when AoEs are rocking your whole team and you can't keep up with gem draws.

*Angel- first gives a boost to all white magice effects, which most toons filling this role in a pvp team should have primarily all white heals, since they use both Mst/Pst in more cases than not makes it easier to maintain Pst/Mst while continually casting heals. The boost to all white magic gives you an option to switch pouches and add some DD if for some reason your dps dies or you do not need to heal at the moment. The reason this should be a chosen class for any dedicated healer role is that AoEs can take out your dps, always focus healing yourself and tank prior to your dps....this could be arguably the most important role behind the tank.

Pouch 1 (healing):

1st gem slot in almost all cases is your best heal

4 beriali and derinium are always nice to compact the pouch a little and only keep the best heals/replnishes in the pouch

2 angelics(at least one in aura slot), 1-2 impervious, stoic and focus. Location of these within the pouch all depend on potential opponenets.

4 rank 8 and 9 invigorates (2 r7 may be needed depending on opponents strategy to replenish your tank to ensure he can keep taunting and use Discourage jeweling gems)

4 rank 8 and 9 manabursts (2 r7 may be needed depending on opponents strategy....)

that fills 29-34 or your gems slots. The rest should be filled with only the best heals you can manage. A combination of White Heal over Time (since most use an equal amount of Pst/Mst making them easy to maintain as any build, even melee or ranged) and Insta heals which give regain a nice amount of HP and can remove pending DoT damage from a tank.

I find the shield gems for this role to be of less value since they don't protect from as much potential damage as the heal gems are able to restore. My personal opinion is that they are more valuable PvE high end boss runs.

Pouch 2 (depletion):

1st gem slot is Defoliate, it is an amazing gem to drain the tank right away and since it is so, it generally results in being shattered instead of an equally important aura.

4 beriali and derinium as always for any build to better control your draws and keep only the best gems in your pouch.

Since this pouch is used to generally counter someone using a similar tactic or to stay active you will have a few more bursts to replenish your tank. Along with no auras because you are meant to cycle gems and cast replenishers/deplete as fast as possible. A Reaper Aura, Angelic, or Impervious would be good to have in for a random draw here and there

r7-9 invigorate-12 total

r7-9 mana bursts-12 total

r11 & r12 Exhaustion gems

r11 & r12 Mind Numbing

(You are able to have 2 Casters DD or DoT/Melee/Ranged users fill this role along with dps if they are both balanced and correlate well together. It is generally easier to devote a specific role for each person instead of trying to fill multiple roles. DoT Users due to skill set and runes generally have an easier time accomplishing this.)


I won't go in to as much detail with the gear and stats as much because they should reflect the Tank and Healer section, but I will point out the differences. You can spot which ones are obviously beneficial but there are tons of less obvious class choices that players are trying and being very successful with.

Melee would have a similar stat setup to tanks, but gimp the agility a little to boost CnT so they aren't hit often with AoEs and magic damage in general. Str(200/400) and Dex(200/400) would depend on weapon type. Since they have dps just by clicking a button and require no upkeep to maintain that base they are able to devote their pst/mst elsewhere. Auras would depend on classes if their would be a bonus to them and to fill the void. I would devote a melee dps toons gems to replenishing pst/mst to the healer/support, tank, along with themselves by using deft recovery to cycle and have heals or shield gems mixed in to help survivability until the damage boost gets higher and you start hitting hard. You can compare this pouch to a casters using White Hots to keep things as balanced and easy to maintain as possible. I would substitue a few Pst/Mst r9 cantrips in place of heals to ensure you can keep up and cycle gems. Runes would be dps boosting and perhaps thefts to help upkeep. Antimagic is a must.
Legendary weapons are likely a must at this point along with a similar suit to the tank (breastplate and other pieces can be changed as long as you keep the suit defensive enchanted for the most part).

Ranged users are also able to maintain dps without upkeep. They will have less defense altogether. I would keep agility even, boost CnT to 450+ and dur to 300ish. Due to them having fairly high Int(200+) and CnC(500+) to allow dps with a bow they are also fairly reliable casters.They use Dex (350-400) for hit chance. Use of a whip and a shield would be best for stats and protection. Once again I feel it'd be best for this type of damage toon to have one pouch to replenish and heal with deft recovery along with an option to switch to a 2nd DoT or DD pouch when the damage boost gets higher, DoT would be the better choice. Like melee you will more than likely have to substitue a few cantrips in place of dps or heal gems to help cycle and ensure upkeep. Rune setup for dps with antimagic and perhaps draws if you rely on DoT dps later in the fight.
Legendary bowset is likely a must along with similar suit used by a caster (breastplate and other pieces can be changed as long as you keep the suit defensive enchanted for the most part).

Casters are much more influential at this point than other forms of dps. Essentially a DoT user ensures you are able to hit the tank instead of watching him block and deflect everything back at you. They offer great sources of AoE damage

Direct Damage casters:

Nice to have great burst damage at times, but it can be difficult to circumvent the tank in order to effectively damage the support toons. A direct damage user should have 500+ int, 700+ cnc and 350mst with 300ish pst. 450 cnt and 300 dur. Remember, these numbers are ballparks and can vary to suit what you feel is best. The pouch is similar to a healer pouch substituting dps gems for heals. And auras could vary by adding flame call, but angelic still has its' uses. Runes are Dps and upkeep enhancing along with antimagic. Perhaps blessings to help heal if you are splitting the role with another individual.

Preferred DPS:

DoT caster:

No restriction to damage output with use of angelic. Skillset able to replenish hp at a fairly decent rate along with pst/mst making dps gem casting cost minimal. Almost any class can be effective using them and there are clear options for maximum dps, yet this type of Dps and choices for classes makes for some interesting little bonuses. Int is not necessarily needed so you can boost CnC (700+) and Str for staff damage or protection skills. Runes are Dps and upkeep enhancing along with antimagic. Perhaps blessings if you are assisting in the role of healing.
Both would require legendary armor either enhancing the role or similar to the healer portion, a 99 or LG staff preferred.

Section 3

Role Advice

Experiment with classes, there are to many options within the group regardless of role and form of dps.


Some great choices for tanks can be found with any class, skills go far, class bonus helps, but a person who knows how to cycle gems as a tank to draw auras and discourage jeweling or like gems to avoid you and your support taking damage from AoEs and DoTs. A balanced pouch is required as a tank and your support must be able to replenish from time to time to ensure you can keep up with taunts/ Discourage jeweling. With replay and a full pouch of blue gems you should be able to constantly cycle with 3 auras in play and 1 or 2 taunts in order to get to the gems you need. (jeweler class and CA make all of this a little more fluent). And sometimes it may be effective to use deft recovery to get the gems you need for the moment. It will vary with teams.

You may not be able to use every discourage or incidental that comes out, it will be up to you to determine if you have the pst/mst to support them and continue taunting along with management from your teammates to ensure you can keep them going. Along with this you don't want your teammates to take too much damage while you are trying to get your taunts out. If you have to drop auras due to a bad draw then do so, with replay and a mostly blue pouch you should come across them again.

Discourage Jeweling is the better choice, but after damage boost starts to kick deep in to the fight a few incidental redirection could cause serious damage. Keep in mind the chance of it not being resisted would be based on your CnC.

Depending on classes you may be able to gimp agility a little more than what is shown in the tank part under Section 2 in order to raise Dur and CnT higher.


A healer is just as important as a tank in having a dedicated role and that being it's primary (or both Dps supports filling the role).This is also generally the support toon for replenishing pst/mst to the tank when needed but that role will fall on the other dps toon as well since draws can be random and unforgiving at times.

It's not a bad idea to have at least one of these classes be an angel, when DoT damage becomes to much to out heal your tank can die and be revived to attempt to reheal. If he was able to cast a successful taunt before death since it's and aura it could hold after being revived and giving you the chance to heal while making him the target once again. You don't need this but it is a nice option to have.

It's nice to sit back and watch the action as a pure healer and in most cases you can view the battlefield better than other roles. But there are times where you must get involved since you may not always be required to heal depending on opponents strategy. Since a dedicated healer usually lacks CnC/Int to add dps they may be required to hace a slight bit of Str and use a 99epic or Lg staff to help with this. The damage boost with low int but below average CnC (400+) allows for DDs to still be a threat along with DoTs. In some cases it is nice for a healer to have the staff DPS and below average CnC in order to have a little more versatility instead of just sitting waiting to heal or replenish. Having a depletetion pouch will give you a 2nd effective option when healing isn't being productive.

A 2nd suit would be preferred to convert to Dps if yours should die and to continue farming properly. It's fairly easy to switch a pouch and suit. However, with the damage increasing in arena as the match goes on you can manage enough CnC to be effective.

Damage Per Second:

It would seem this spot is reserved for DoT casters but DD are a serious threat as well if they can get past the tanks resistance and knock out the support. However, we can include Melee and Ranged since they are a viable choice. And as a 2x Melee or 2x Ranged or 1 of both type you would be able to fill the role of healer with deft and replenishing eachother with bursts and a few cantrips, when damage boost kicks in you can pick your chance to change to a dps pouch as an archer. Even 3x bms each bounce taunting and switching to a shield to clease DoT damage with use of a healer pouch. Potential is all over the place, I feel most physical damage toons lack the pouch that would accent the team the best. Survival is key and the group shield gems are a little less cost effective for a physical damage build and are comparable to a casters effectivness.

Build stats and pouch to increase survivability. Not much else you can do as melee other than add shield and heal gems with replenishes. Archers have the option to a Dps pouch, but it's about survival first and Dps later.
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Originally Posted by concede View Post
Kingpk wasn't and AoE caster to claim our spot

Cyress' team didn't use GOL to heal the tank

Pedros team shared responsibility and used DoTs against the other teams above them along with smertnik healing and Ahli going DoTs

Bucis team didn't use 2h lgs near the end

On DTM team Evil was a DoT user

Sorry but how did storms strategy beat mine?
concede for douche of the year!

Kingpk was an aoe caster, they did use GOL on the tank, maybe not against you but against me they did. pedro's team changed depending who they were against, regardless if bucis team did use the 2h's near the end that's how they got to that spot. Yours is a jumbled mess, gear means eff all if anything, anyone can figure out decent gear to use. It's not hard.
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i was on the team with kingpk as nautolan, i know exactly what he did. Cyress and Ripple used GoL on themselves to heal most of the time and casted heal gems on the tank as needed, just because you failed to give them a reason to replenish themselves doesn't mean that was their strategy to get the spot they did. Buci, Mirci and Costeak started with all as 2h lg crusher but then went: Costeak and Buci as 2h lg Crush and Costeak switched to tank along with Mirci DoT casting along with using the LG staff to do physical damage(read pauls' winning strat guide)

A strategy guide is meant to be complete, not everyone can decide which is better because each LG suit has a strong point and a fair number of people have relied on anothers opinion/experience when deciding what to go with.

Mine as Pauls both have the same information in different context as we discussed fairly often in group chat. His is more straight to the point and efficient where mine is dragged on.

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Definitely has changed, don't have to worry about DD casters anymore nearly as much as Dotters, and shield users aren't as formidable as a regener with earthfusion and a mit crusher.
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Originally Posted by lankhue View Post
thank you for share
The game has changed a lot over the years so half the stuff you read about their strategies might be outdated.

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Glitch, disable smileys. You have the D in Dennisthemenace after the : so it makes the face.
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