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Default New ideas

We are a few from tical who discussed about new ideas to improve nod. there are a few ideas we came up with

1. Pilgrim path - A path only for pilgimmers with a new town and zones with grouped enemies. (make aoe damage dealers usefull for more then just pvp would be fun) The idea of this would be south of reydor where the path could begin from. This would also make more players wanna go pilgrim. The new pilgrim zones should drop something more special aswell. What will be future discussion im thinking of scrolling down to see other ideas that could be insperation towards that.

2. Pilgrim dungeouns - a dungeoun for only those who completed pilgrim. Could be 5 lvls and to reach lvl 5 you need to have completed pilgrim 5. Once again should be something special with these dungeouns open for ideas

3. Town portal - Walking from one end of the map to next one sometimes feels like pain in the a** and ends up not doing it. The idea is that you can talk to seer to pay to teleport to another town that you once before have visited. Idea 1 is that it cost depending on toon lvl or cost depending on what town you going to. NO exp given, cant use while tasking and have to have "green" in weight.

4. Skill tree for pilgrimers - Well, it sounded awesome when you lanched it in my dream, not completely sure how to balance it but an idea to think about Doesnt have to incraise farm speed could be other things as in incraise min gold, higher passive exp, max ecumberance, higher chance of exp rush and so on.

5. New town - already mentioned it in pilgrim path but an idea is to introduce lg armor for piercers (could make them SB when buying) and/or other ideas to add to make the new town special for pilgrimers (when doing a pilgrimage there should be a place for us to visit that noone else can =D)

Note!! These are just ideas to spin on with. Hopefully someone or even glitchless can be inspired atleast =D

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I would support the whole portal idea,as it would make getting between towns much easier,as at at least 2 separate instances that I know of there's a elite boss on the road,which can be a pain to kill,if you have to traverse between them and have already killed it. It'd be much simpler just to bypass it altogether,if I've already killed the thing once,buy what I need and portal out.
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