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Suggestions to increase player base?
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Default Suggestions to increase player base?

-As a low level character and reading a lot of opinions in civil chat I believe the majority of players would agree that characters need to be better rounded. Currently there are what only seems to be a couple of end game choices.With out feeling like you're being penalized.

-Not being able to trade at all with out committing to a game that you have just started. I myself am not bothered by it how ever everyone i have tried to get (new players) to join this game will shy off because they cannot be able to trade with other players or use the Auction feature.Thus making it feel like it is pay to win in the early stages.

-There is only a select few players who are new to Nod, I also believe allowing people to trade epics with out virts mostly for lower level players who don't want to instantly spend the money on virts or can't afford too for what ever the reason to make some small amount of gains even if in the current situation most low epics would be sold to the store because there is no demand for lower level gear but in replace of virts for trading them allowing you to get 1.5x the price when you sell it to a shop, this would not effect LG Gear only epic.

As a newer player i truly believe these changes would greatly encourage more people to play Nodiatis and with the expanding of the player base not only would it bring in more profit but it would also allow a more active market in the future for t30's that the game currently is lacking,I appreciate any and all feedback from all players.

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These points have been around since the beginning and get refreshed ever so often.

New players don't particularly always understand what is good to sell/trade - I've seen many wanting to trade away trophies, not understanding what to do with them... -.-

Or someone wanting to get rid of a duckie or algae encrusted halberd because they can't use it yet or don't realize that at low level... we all the damn same. Unless you're okay putting up with a longer grind (like i was) you use the weapon that does the most damage.

There are just things that are not known until you play a game for a while. The game is completely playable without using auction. It is free. It is without ads. It does not require email or other registration. I agree with a game, that can plausibly be played completely free (reaching cap and farming enough gold in game to use auction and buy enough tcs for all the upgrades without ever spending irl), having ways to encourage spending.. since it is a business after all and the makers would likely end the game if it fails to make profit..

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