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Hot Zones, Additional Transmutation
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Default Hot Zones, Additional Transmutation

We're finishing off 2016 with the completion of the 4th item from our most wanted list and some bonus content from other suggestions. You can see the list here http://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/sh...423#post186423 It has been updated for 2017 where we plan to get another 4 items completed.

Hot Zones

Every 2 days, after the 6am server time reset, bonuses and penalties will be assigned randomly to some zones. These bonuses and penalties will NOT be the same for everyone, however, they will be the same for all your own characters (assuming they are assigned to the same e-mail address). The reason for this is to encourage actual exploration and to reward those willing to do so themselves.

A hot zone is defined as a zone that currently has a bonus for you. The bonus may or may not be accompanied by a penalty, however, no zones will have just penalties and no bonus. Upon entering a hot zone you will receive additional information from the message that typically reads "You are entering..." detailing the exact bonuses and penalties. These will have various ranges (trapping, for instance, has a larger range since it is more difficult to utilize) which for the most part max at 10%. Towns can have bonuses as well, but they are currently limited to Adventuring and Active/Passive Experience bonuses.

Current possible bonuses include:
Double Hunting Chance
Double Fishing Chance
Double Trapping Chance
Double Woodcutting Chance
Double Mining Chance
Double Gardening Chance
Double Foraging Chance
Double Dust Collecting Chance
Double Gold Rush Chance
Double Trophy Stack Chance
Double Adventuring Exp Chance (town only)
Double Potion Stack Chance
Double Silk Stack Chance
Double Heroic Essence Chance
Active Exp Bonus (includes combat and crafting)
Passive Exp Bonus (includes all methods of passive advancement)
Luck Bonus (Don't ask us. Ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?")

There will be no hot zone bonuses or penalties for players under level 5. It is an added complication that may increase the confusion of players, and they don't really have the mobility to choose what zone they farm in regardless.


The ability now exists to use enchanting to randomly morph LG Weapon, Pet, and Gem Masters. Doing so requires a costly resin, however, there is no chance of failure. You can also now morph Armor and Shield Essences. This also has no chance of failure, but yields far less than is put in. It will be up to players to figure out how to do this enchanting, however, it will be far easier to determine than the mystery of A Painful Cleansing.

Transmuting Weapon, Pet, and Gem LG Masters will produce a completely random type of LG Master, so a Pet can produce a Weapon, etc. Also, Gift Boxes can now contain LG Gem Masters whereas before they were limited to Weapons and Pets. The overall chance of getting an LG Master from a gift box remains the same, however.

A bug involving the leveling of Collection and Dust Collecting has been fixed.
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