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The Land of Nodiatis: Storyline
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Default The Land of Nodiatis: Storyline

The scent of putrid, rotting flesh... the sound of maggots writhing about... the incessant moans of those injured, ill, or merely in anguish… the sight of utter ruin and depravity. These are the first sensations experienced by those unfortunate enough to come into being in the land of Nodiatis. Beaten into slavery and submission by the draconian and unforgiving races of orc, goblin, and the undead, mankind and his allies are at the lowest point of a civilization teetering on the brink of extinction. Having suffered generations of depravity and despair, pride, hope and faith are virtues long since forgotten.

It was not always like this. Man once presided over kingdoms sprawled as far as the traveler’s eye could see. Vast and bountiful farms spread further still. Food, wealth, and joy were in abundance. It was not a land without conflict as man would often fight man to determine who better to rule, but the conflict begat innovation and the innovation begat further wellbeing. The greatness of man had been affirmed for all to see, but it would be that very greatness that would ultimately bring him to his knees.

It is said that chaos is the only real equilibrium. That which is balanced seeks imbalance. So it is with man. Spoiled by a lavish lifestyle afforded only by the toils and labors of generations past, the society of man began to feel entitled to wellbeing rather than entitled to the freedom to create it. He who once thanked the Deities daily for all that he had, now asked why his neighbor had more. The Deities of strength and honor were cast aside for false prophets of fairness and philanthropy. It was then that the darkness came.

There is no need for tales of the horrors that descended for they remain for all to witness. Those that resisted died valiantly, those that tried to appease the invaders with bribes suffered unending torture. The breaking point for man came when Andor, King of Draak, surrounded for weeks by hordes of orcs, offered them his beautiful daughter to spare his kingdom. His kingdom was pillaged soon thereafter and his daughter, now cursed with immortality, remains enslaved as an eternal symbol of man’s opprobrium.

Whether man had abandoned the Gods or they had abandoned him is of little consequence. Man’s final stronghold, if one could call it that, Castille has no philosophers left to ponder such things. All that remains is the chance of redemption. The land of Nodiatis awaits the one who will lead mankind out of the darkness. Extinction is the only alternative.


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