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Congrats to Boss Slayers! New Boss Comp, Some LGs Buffed
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Default Congrats to Boss Slayers! New Boss Comp, Some LGs Buffed

Congrats to Danielrox on S1 and Blackrider on S2 for killing the highest level boss for this month's competition! They will each receive a shiny new LG. The runners up will get the master plans.

New Comp
This month we are resetting all hero boss lists and buffing them. The team with the first and highest hero boss kill at the end of the month on each server will get a new LG and three LG masters to split between them. No prizes for second place.

LG Buffs
Demonblood Ranseur - Damage and delay increased. Proc damage increased greatly.
Staff of the Masquerade - Proc damage increased greatly.
Albino Rattler Whip - Proc damage increased greatly.
Whip of Irresolution - Listless aura applied to enemy instead of self and % increases further each tier.

Effects that lower your combat HP regen like the one on the Hammer of Unity and Focused Defense Aura will also reduce the damage bonus your enemy's Flesheaters get from your regeneration bonuses. Contrarily, because Flesheaters are now based on that other regenerative bonus, their damage bonus will be higher, especially vs. gem based regenerative effects. However, the listless effect will now reduce the bonus damage of the pets since it is lowering HP regen as well.

We further modded the fleshie bonus so it'll be about the same as it always was when fighting an average regener. It'll be a tad higher when they have the best regen gem out and no other effects, but lower if they are hit with listless.
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