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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Randomness is randomy.
i wouldnt be complaining if it would be random.
Is someone is getting loads of essences every day and then others constantly getting none then thats out of range of randomness IMO.
Im atm on 220 heroic kills, no essence drop so far. If this continues i will have my first morph like next summer or so.
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hmmm.. travel mode essence thats great congratulation
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Out of interest :

up to today : (2-3 days) 12 Hrs RRT with no essence drops

Today : under 3 hrs RRT (1 potion burnt, but also arena) 3 essence drops.
Between 1 and 2 was a 9 fight gap

Looks pretty random to me
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Randomness is randomy.
But not all random is created equal. A coin toss is not as randomy as a 20-sided die toss.

If TJs numbers are close to correct and there's a 1% chance of a drop, 200-300 fights is not nearly enough to suspect something is wrong. If it's 2000-3000 then that's pretty bad luck, but still not enough to determine that something's broken.

With random, there is no such thing as out of range.
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Thomas Jordan
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Still counting.

28 essences in accel, with an average now of 99.8 fights.

2 essences in TM, which some what surprised me. Average 296.5 fights. Still a pretty small sample size.

Got three today (all in accel) in about 30 fights. Got two of those in one fight, which also surprised me.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Confirming TJ correct.
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is it same drop rate if you farm in group?
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