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Default Eternity

When do you actually start to see the effect of eternity act on you? i got mine up to level 20 and it hasent changed my Gradual repair. what level does it have to be to get a change of 1 number?
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Well you could calculate I guess. However you didnt say what gradual repair gem you have. What lvl and how much it gives you each round-about.

It says 0.4% on the skill. So 20 x 0.4% is 8%. Then you could just calculate the 8% of your hp points increase per gem round.

I am pretty sure that at lvl 25 of that skill and more you start to get +1 hp on any gem that is above 5 hp per round. Because it rounds up too.
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Eternity will only take effect on never-ending heal gems like Gaias Blessing, to affect H.O.T gems (which requires mana or energy) like gradual repair you will need to level Healing
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not true
gradual repair and sylvain restoration are affected by eternity
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Hopilus is right, after a quick test Eternity does affect HOT gems. Seems both Healing and Eternity affect HOT gems, although it was a little unclear in the skills description.
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