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Tradeskills Guide
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Default Tradeskills Guide

For the incredibly impatient:

Buy tools, right click the tool and click use tool. You'll get information about what to do next or what you are already doing wrong and you can take it from there.

For those who want a little more information:

There are two basic types of tradeskills, the ones used for resource gathering (Resourcefulness skills) and the ones used to actually create items (Artistry and Craftsmanship).

Resourcefulness skills are pretty straightforward, but you must have adventure time to use them. You use a tool (fishing pole, mining hammer, etc) after combat to gather resources. Make sure you have a tool in your inventory, after a fight you can right click the tool to use it or the preferred method is to use the hotbar that will show up at the bottom of your screen after exiting looting. This will only show up if you have tools in your inventory. Simply click the tool and play the little game required to obtain the resource.

Actually crafting items is a more complicated procedure and will not be enjoyable for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to want to put complex objects together but if you are that type of person then crafting is for you. Certain tools use the resources gathered above to make other more refined resources. These range from simple tools that you use to scale fish or skin animals to slightly more complicated tools that require you use the tool and place a few items in the tool slots to combine them into something new.

The most complicated items are also created by tools, however, they require a consumable recipe. Consumable recipes are created using the Quill Pen tool to make a copy of a Master Recipe. Master recipes are obtained by dismantling items. When you dismantle an item you will also get a fair amount of resin depending on the value of the item. When dismantling the rarest items in the game you can get epic dusts that are necessary for the creation of rare and epic recipe copies.

This does not give you the specific knowledge you need to create items, it only points you in the right direction. As the game economy builds (this will be hard to witness in the beta with such a low population and less drive to build up crafting skill which is time consuming and difficult) it should be very profitable to at least pick 1 resourcefulness skill and use it occasionally after combat if your zone permits. Selling resources on the auction house may very well be the best way for early players to gain some modest wealth.
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