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Default Potions

Current Potions:

Gate Potion

Proposed Revision to the way Gate Potions work: As I understand it, every ten levels you gain requires you to consume more and more gate potions for a single teleport.

Why not instead of, or in addition, to this system, just have higher level craftable gate potions?

Other Potions:
I haven't heard any ideas proposed in this area and we need to start coming up with some as potionmaking is coming up on the implementation list. What would you all like to see for instant or temporary effect potions?
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well as for that gate potion problem you mention its something that spellcasters dont have to worry about as regardless of there lvl they always only need 1
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id like to see potions that temporarily boost stats, like one that will double dex for idk 30secs for archers, and one that doubles dur for vamps, well you get the idea.
id also like to see potions that you could throw at the enemy that would give them a negative status effect :P (bet you love that one eh)

as for gate potions , i think only adventurers should get the bonus where they only need 1 no matter what level. maybe casters can have a special skill that decreases the amount of gate potions they use, however, whereas at a maxed skill of 100, it would only cost them 1 gate potion (must have staff equipped)

Made by Nikki
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lets revisit the potionmaking ideas....maybe it will help make it be implemented sooner...
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