Quest completion
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Default Quest completion

I completed a collection Quest without actually getting any trophies from the mob. My team mates Mylix and angamaite both got the trophies and i got none, but my collection quest still completed even though i didnt recieve any trophies for that particular fight. working as intended? can you complete collection quests without receiving any trophies?
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as far as I know, yes. my experience has been that the counter counts the number of drops regardless of who actually receives them.
really? seriously?

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May or may not be working as intended, but working as it always has. The collection quest counts all trophies received by everyone in the fight.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Confirming TJ correct.
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Yes way back when, when quests came out, Glitchless said that's the way it works. It's kind of to make up for the fact that, unlike most games, you can't just buy the trophies for the quest. Imo. It also encourages grouping.
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I was thinking it actually says this somewhere in the game itself, but can't remember where. Grouping with a lower level toon is the best way to do green collection quests. Just don't get too low and run into the anti-power level penalty.
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Yes it's a way to encourage grouping for quests.
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