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clan battles needing fixed
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Default clan battles needing fixed

as one who has been doing cb for a while I have noticed it is a lil broken. the point of cb is to have yellow kill yellow; it wasn't ment to have 1 yellow in grp and opposite aligned clan in grp, it kinda dumb to be killed in a cb by the same aligned clan as you are. in a situation like that a msg should pop up saying u are grped with XX aligned clan member u can not attack that player. Idc about 2v1 or 3v1 if that's what u have to do to win ok, my mistake for being solo; however do it with 3 of the same aligned clan. plz look at this glitch
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Ok so. There are very few square that have so many people on them that you dont know what you are getting yourself into in a cb. Few squares around ust and fa'ar are about it and after 2-3 cbs you should know whos going to come help the nub toon your cbing. So if your "grouped with aligned clans you cannot attack" was implemented, you would basically prevent a cb from ever happening again (most people have alts in opposite aligned clans, or friends to group with preventing ever being cbd). Otherwise your asking for people of opposite aligned clans to not be allowed to group (wont ever happen with nods limited player base). OR you want a message that lets you not have to use your brain letting you know that x person comes into the fight to save his nub alt.
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