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Supplemental Magic
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Default Supplemental Magic

I am a level 75 trapper with a specialization in archery.

My dexterity is 350, my intelligence is 376, and my concentration is 358, all about where I want them, at least for now.

I would like to take up some offensive magic to increase my killing speed, but know absolutely nothing about the subject. My physical energy and mana are both low, but those numbers can be raised.

I'm looking for some advice on what type(s) of offensive magic to pursue, such as color of magic, and whether or not to go DD or DoT.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Confirming TJ correct.
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i cant claim to know much about magic since i havent got a caster but i would say lower your conc and int to 300 and put the points into mst and with mana increase skills you will have a decent amount of mana. then get red dd gems lvling all relevant skills and put a flame call (or 2 if you dont mind dazes) into your gem handling slots

alternately do the same with black dot gems

either way will take a significant amount of exp and cash tho

edit: also you will most likely need a decent amount of mana/energy replenish gems so relevant skills for them will most likely need to be lvled

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i use antigenesiss gems (green) as they take a equal amount of mana and energy, daze, mess and stun are handy as well ofc. I don't have a ton of mana or energy myself.

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From the couple top archer's I've talked to and actually seen in action...most seem to use BLACK DDs. Black DDs are the most efficient gems(damage per mana+energy). However you'll most likely want Flare/Flame aura so a couple red gems never hurt(also #2 in efficiency iirc). Replenishers are a must, most use cantrips(not as much energy/mana but cycle gems faster), but a few high lvl invigs and manabursts never hurt either.

With epics and trained eye/epicurious, bows get pretty accurate near cap, so there isn't quite the need for Dex, and it's much easier to add Pst over Mst...also since Melee is generally a little lower than magic, it's also easier to lvl. The other option is of course DoTs...I would look at ignition, toxicity, and antigenesis since they add burn/poison which adds to the Bows natural DoT skills. Only bad part is rupture can't work with a bow..which generally makes DDs better for farming.
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