dcdd guidance
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Question dcdd guidance

I am thinking about trying the dcdd path (I know, original!).

What are your thoughts on 2h piercer vs whips vs doublers vs siren vs thraki vs whatever?

My goal is to not be stuck farming dmv.

With mongos and regen arrow could I farm high end zones without running out of mana?

Any input is appreciated.

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cliche is

raiden arms/legs
sb bp
sb/zirc helm

fang spear for pve before berserk.

irresolution whip+hellram shield for high end solo pve (past berserk) and for pvp.

thraki for triple/quad casting and hit chance (so you don't need to waste any stats on dex)

fateseal arrow.

opalescence quiver.

1 stalker will get you til pit mobs comfortably?
2 stalkers will get you to ridge probably.
past ridge need an ac pot. or.

timmies. have all your gear's stones be pure mre so you can redistribute the recovery stat itself to give you regen. 300 regen+timmies makes high end pve easy. if you go jeweler second you can even afk farm with recasts.

when low end 1 mongo/loris 1 stalker.

pain, assurance, crit, mana theft, manatic, euphoric.

if you feel your mre is a bit low use clarifying rune over crit.
if you really need the extra vamp for wherever use vamp rune over crit.

stats: for low end pve? (below pit) magic: pure int. raidens give you some cnc still. and frankly. ask staff users. 300 cnc or 500 cnc....both are a joke. better to rely on hit chance from spear and rune. and pump int so the dds that land. hurt. high end pve. unsure but i'd prolly use same setup.

recovery: pure mre.

defense: ideally pure cnt so you can try to resist daze/mez/stun. dur as needed.

nod's academy's dd archer guide
Double cast DD archer
http://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=19472 A related thread.
Primary class: Warlock
Secondary class: I personally recommend Wizard. There are alternatives you can use if you wish.
How to build: Level as a pure archer until cap. Melee for Dex. Be aware you'll end up deleveling it at cap though. So go as sparingly as possible. Magic: I personally prefer 600 Int 400 CNC at cap. So I'd focus on Int more than CNC. Defense: a solid 400 CNT never hurt anyone. Dur is a stat that you'll need at the start but be as sparing as you can. Recovery: This is your most important stat. If your recovery sucks you suck. I personally have 969 mre. If possible I'd get 1200+ mre. Sadly it's not. All your enchanting stones should be +40 Mre (or as big as they can take). Your stats should be 140 levels in Mre. The reason your enchanting stones should be Mre is so you can be flexible with Recovery and redistribute for some regen if you choose to farm higher end (110+).

Gear at cap: zirc or spellbound helm. Whatever tickles your fancy. Raiden is also an option for magic stats. 1% lower mana regeneration proc tho.
Breastplates: low end spellbound high end Demonskull seems to be the general consensus.
Arms/legs: Raiden.
Melee weapon slot: Fang Spear of Conjuration for DPS. (That hit chance proc is godly. Ignore the lower double cast proc compared to say dual Beguiler Blades. After all. Do not forget your CNC will be far lower than a staff dder, and even for staff DD their hit rate sucks in 100+ zones.) To be more tanky PvP/PvE Whip of Irresolution+Hellram Shield is a usual setup.
Quiver: Opalescence Quiver
Arrow: Fateseal PvE. Degeneration PvP.
Bow: Bow of the Siren with LoD+Hellram. Thraki's Fury with Fang Spear or Irresolution.
Optional: Lick of Death instead of Whip of Irresolution. If you get it use Siren instead of Thraki.
Pets: Timmies to Regen for 110+. Stalkers for survivability 100-110 & 95+ bosses.
Slow Loris/Mongo the Sly low end for more mana Regen.

couple quick arguments people give.

1) raiden helm over sb/zirc helm. "raiden's stats are better so the 1% doesn't matter".

ever do the math on how much that 1% equals? 1% mre regen when stacked with all the other bonuses. is 50 mre. or it has....5-10 more useful stat points than sb/zirc. hmmmm.

2) raiden bp. now. dd already has an op crit rate of 28%. 6% crit rune. t1 raiden bp is 18%. this changes your crit rate from 32.32% to 44.5% (round up to 45) 1-(0.72*0.82*.0.94). so 12 extra crits in 100 casts. if each cast is 100 damage normal. that makes it a total of 12250 damage. (55 normal casts x 100 damage = 5500. 45 crit casts x150 = 6750.) now spellbound bp at t1 boosts all damage by 9%. so
(68 normal casts *100 = 6800. 32 crit casts*150 = 4800. 6800+4800 = 11600+9% = 12644. in the end sb gives an extra 394 damage in 100 casts. assuming you only do 100 damage a cast. if it's 1000 damage a cast that's 3940 damage. if it's 3000 damage a cast... you get the point.

let's take out crit rune and compare then.

1-(.72*.82)= 40.96% chance. rounds up to 41.
5900 normal + 41*150 = 6150. 12050 for raiden.
7200 norma+ 28*150 = 4200=11400. +9% = 12426. 376 damage difference. still in spellbound bp's favor.

3) mongo and clarifying rune work out to basically exactly the same benefit so use whichever you prefer. stalker/vamp rune debatably being interchangeable too.

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Thank you for the thorough explanation blaze, gave me a lot to think about!
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