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Companion Trophy Exp and Rerollers Boon
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Default Companion Trophy Exp and Rerollers Boon

Copy/Pasted from gtliches post:

"The kill experience gained by companions was never affected by Reroller's boon, however, since having boon active gives 3x as many trophies (albeit soulbound) it was giving booner's an unfair advantage leveling companions. Since boon is meant to allow players to catch up to their previous high after rerolling, and companion advancement is never lost from rerolling, there is no need for them to benefit in this regard.

To level the playing field we are increasing the companion experience and morale gained by unsoulbound trophies by a factor of 3x while at the same time reducing the base experience and morale gains from all types of trophies by half. The net result is normal trophies will yield more benefits for companions, and soulbound ones will yield less."

Can someone explain the math to me on "The net result is normal trophies will yield more benefits for companions, and soulbound ones will yield less"? Seems to me that farming with boon on or off will yield the same amount of trophy experience for your companions either way.

Example of what i'm thinking. Lets say a single fight is set to yield you 10 trophies that are worth 100 exp each. With boon on those 10 trophies would be set to become 30 because boon triples. So now you have 30 trophies worth 100 each which comes out to 3000 exp. New patch halves all companion trophy exp gains for a grand total of 1500 exp from that one fight.

A fight without boon would yield you 10 trophies worth 100 exp each. The new patch triples the exp value of trophies so those 10 trophies @ 10 exp each are now 300 each, so a grand total of 3000. Divided in half via new patch comes out to 1500 again.

So if someone could explain to me how LESS trophies that are not SB will yield you more exp would be appreciated.
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I think he is comparing the unsb gains to pre patch.

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