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Old client purchase exploit
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Default Old client purchase exploit

Soo I am able to bliss 5 because I never updated the game on my old laptop. If there is a way to give some sort of error to prevent getting gift boxes every $5. Using v3.203

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easiest fix is banning all the bliss for 5$

Broke 4k pet crit :O Buff BM nao!
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the day glitch changed tc purchases i installed an older version of nod client aiming to bliss $5. it gave me an error. so i assume only people who already had the old un-updated version of client even can do this. what kinda minority is that~ i won't say it doesn't matter at all but meh. say 10 people in all of nod can actually bliss $5? in time since change prolly less. and none going out of their way just to bliss $5~

The link to the official forums thread for Nod's Blazing Academy. more useful info being added to it by the day.

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3 TCs removed from your account due to buying 2 with a method you knew was not supported. There's no reward for reporting something that was obviously going to be seen, and no, there's not a way to retroactively have old clients give an error, but we can, as witnessed here, remove extra TCs from purchasers (the purchaser, not necessarily the account) if this is done.
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