Idea for Resources
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Default Idea for Resources

I know many have asked for many of the none stackable resources to be stackable in the past.
So instead of geting 3x or 24x of prey/fish ect, you only get 1, and when you let it decay or skin them, you get a chance at 3x/12x depends on account status/arena rating and all that. Would make more sense since you dont kill 24 elephants with 1 bow shot. Dunno how hard that would be to code though.

Anyway just food for thought.
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but you need those resources for other things like oils, or stones etc.
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A related idea I had a while back was to make the enchanting rod single-click activated while you have resources in your hand.

Pull 12 of whatever, click the rod, set in a stack or click in one-by-one for non-stackables.

Uptiering is enough hassle, I don't see one semi-automated uptier after resourcing being particularly exploitable.

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