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LoL, been a while since I made a viral thead!
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Zenga for Pres! 2016!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

Also, Banned is totes not on his own list. Cuz he's totes a newbie. A stupid level 1 who thinks he knows everything about Nod. I'm amazed you guys haven't figured that out yet.
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Originally Posted by zenga View Post
LoL, been a while since I made a viral thead!
Zenga you were legend, i remember back in the days when everyone was saying "i want to be like Zenga". By the way, how are the horses doing? just kidding. You are legend.

Could you guys imagine Zenga right now doing Solo Arena? with like 15 toons on top 20, easy.

My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law.
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LOL cry babaies hes better then u im beter no he is, top 3 tank last season big deal, my team could trade wins with any of the top teams , lotta of abrirtray points being made or atttempted too, lotta e peen slaping going on, Then u got banned who seems to be know it all hiding. U guys are funny. if u guys gonna talk smack at least bring some hate and real disses. i should be back some time nxt week . dont worry nibs your real to me a real sob :P
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Nobody was dissing you if you bothered to read. King was just saying why didn't Six exclude you out of that list whilst he did that with Enduir and Brickk who I'd agree are in same range with you. So it was more on matter of them being called weak than you
Originally Posted by Tale View Post
thats prolly cuz u a blind serbian moron
Originally Posted by Brick View Post
You'd be surprised how much Excellence helped me in arena, he carried me both seasons so I can't thank him enough for that
Originally Posted by King View Post
ill admit ex is a real toon though... >_> god i'll never hear the end of my saying that

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