Ban reasons...
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Default Ban reasons...

i would like to know why my account..Poshad got banned last night...he has never sharred account and never done anything wrong...i understand i was complaining about a drop..but i dont think that is any reason for an account ban .. specially when the account is over 3 years old and i have seen why worse and no actions were taken against the other toons....pls get back to me about this..someone

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geef back teh posh.
ive known him almost for as long as hes been on nod, and he rarely ever did anything wrong. and never anything to violate TOU to my knowledge. thats kind of a better resume than 75% of the other players.
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I'd be interested in knowing this as well.
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PLease unban Poshad Plz!!!!!!!!!!! TYVM Sir!!!!!

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What caused the ban exactly? Can it be made public, can chat logs be shown?
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This character was banned for private messaging administrators about the "jew pet patch" and that they were greedy *******s.
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