Gardening bug
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Default Gardening bug

Started a gardening sub game by mistake on an alt that had never gardened before, so zero in skill.
He's a level 85 and was in N.Lake, he has the Compass, so it would suggest the min level of plant I could collect would be tier 2.
However the game yielded 3 T1 eggplants, which was a bit odd, so tried again, and got 6 T1 Eggplants. Surely if the Compass does truly give +1 to tier this should not be possible?

Gardening was not set as the active skill.

I know many people have long moaned that Gardening appears to return lower tier plants relative to the skill level compared to other resourcing skills. So I wonder if indeed there is a bug here.
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you will get the +1 tier only if your skill allows it, since you had 0 the max you can get is 1

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I asked Glitch the same question about trapping when I first started it a long time ago. Glitch said all I'd get was T1 as long as my skill level was zero, even with compass. As soon as the skill level started going up, I started getting higher tier resources.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Confirming TJ correct.
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This is also true for fishing and foraging. With zero level and compass active, you get only tier 1.
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but how was it possible to collect more than 1-2 resources at once? is it due to compass or maybe accel upgrade? Or what?
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accell give 3-6

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