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blind bug/question?
Old 01-09-2020, 11:43 PM   #1
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Default blind bug/question?

Idk if its a bug more so a question.

With incapacitate immunity from thraki arrow prowler ca blind is blocked but gatherer blind still works. Just curious if thats hows its suppose to be or if one of the ca's isnt working right.
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Old 01-10-2020, 12:09 AM   #2
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I posted that same post after you on accident, but yeah i'm just as confused as you are man. trying to counter a BLIND, and still getting BLINDED, with two anti-blind options 100% of the time
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Old 01-10-2020, 02:01 AM   #3
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where glitchy answer doe?
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Old 01-10-2020, 02:47 AM   #4
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No, Gatherer's blind should not get through immunities and resists. It will be fixed, but increased to 2 seconds for rebalancing purposes. Not enough to make anyone reroll Gatherer for PvP, but to keep it from being a flat nerf.

Note that during the course of investigating this report, the most complicated Nodiatis thread in existence needed to be updated with more precise info that differentiates between a) color-based resists and b) immunities and effect-specific resists, particularly when it comes to AoE casts. It also now explains when the "you cannot protect yourself from yourself" clause comes into play, and some other caveats.

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