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prey disappears,
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Default prey disappears,

once you got a prey (and still hold it in your hands) and offer trade to another char it dissapears.. it doesnt say it gets destroyed or anything it just dissapears none of the chars get anything so where are the preys?
it only happens when you got a prey in your hands and trade to another char.. other char cant trade while you hold a prey in your hands..

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"you have a resource item in your hands, put it in your inventory before you lose grasp of it"
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But you can be offered a trade after you got resource, but didn't managed to put it in inventory quick enough? How's that? And lets say its high tier ones? And not only prey, that goes for all resource i think.
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Originally Posted by helmerdekat View Post
it only happens when you got a prey in your hands and trade to another char.. other char cant trade while you hold a prey in your hands..
So... nobody can open trade to you when you have it in hand. If YOU open trade you lose it, it goes poof, bye bye, gone, never happened. Place it in inventory/storage before opening trade to void that or lose it. I fail to see the bug here

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I had that once, the resource was gone then I couldn't trade with anyone because I had stuff in my hands
logged off then back on and I think I had the lost resources in my inventory...
I posted my "new Houdini in town" post at the time
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