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Ways to Involve Lower Level Players in Arena
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Default Ways to Involve Lower Level Players in Arena

My main is only level 43, but I wanted to participate in the Solo Arena season. In the past, it was been stated that all L20+ players are encouraged to participate.

However, in the 20 or so fights I have done, I have only encountered one player who wasn't way above me in level. Most of the players are at or near cap and instantly kill me.

Is there a way to give lower-level players an incentive to participate in the Arena Season? Off-hand, my best idea would be level brackets (L20-39, L40-59, etc.).

I realize that most of you are at or near cap and probably aren't too concerned with this issue, but I think it would behoove all to make the game more interesting for lower-level players and provide some incentive beyond a single arena token per fight.
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Old 11-17-2015, 01:50 PM   #2
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Unfortunately, it's far too easy for capped toons to just overskill a low-level alt and win the lower level arena 'block'. If you want a perfect example of an insanely OP toon, inspect 'Bumperassassin'. Who would win any sub-level 40 arena.
So while I agree with you that arena isn't as attractive as it should be for the lower-level people, there is no way of making it 'fair' at the bottom end either.
I play on S2, and have a level 50 toon there. Like you, he loses most fights (currently 34 wins, 252 losses).
However, do remember that you are not 'just' getting a solitary token per fight, you are getting a VERY nice bonus too - for trophies, gold, adventuring exp.
That's the way to look at it. What you ARE getting, not what you aren't.
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Stuff like this in terms of level or rating has been suggested dozens of times. Low lvls do arena only for the tokens for 1x tempers anyway. No use in higher tempers when you're leveling and gonna replace your armor and weapons soon. Arena is a cap's game.
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Why not put some new skill (like instakill) for arena only? Lets say, if you lvl it to 10, then you have 1% to instakill in arena. Even low tier players then can do some wins.
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