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Default Multi Tool

New epic or Lg resource tool.

This one tool for all resourcing mini games.

Be a nice tool for those that can do all the mini games and would rather not have all the tools taking up inventory slots.

Could be sold for gold in shop, or be a drop from high boss/heroic boss
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Yes! Yes!

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What if was a quest reward?

1. Have every tool in inventory.
2. Acquire all resourcing accomplishments
3. Talk to the seer to purchase said nod Swiss-army tool.

Said tool works as long as you possess every tool in your storage. If you remove any of the other tools( sell/destroy/etc), multi-tool breaks, and you must repurchase said tool.

Upgrading to epic tools must be done before removing the old tool to continue to qualify for the new tool.

Something like that?
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support, perhaps buy from priest by possessing all epic tools in inventory (except trap) and fusing them altogether while still displaying epic resource icons after a fight as if all tools were present
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I like this idea, however you have to buy all the epic resourcing tools (except trapping) then fuse them once you have EVERY accomplishment in that resource t1-t30... not fussed if SB or not
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