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Originally Posted by Atropos View Post
AND i think if Nod will be on IPhone, more people will be able to play the game, most of players are busy people, so with handiness of Portable Nodiatis player base may grow a bit more. Not anyone can spend half day infront of PC to grind.
You are wrong - majority of gamers are android users.
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^^^^^^^^^^ Android it is and Android it will be!!
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i want iso plz so i can end my life and become op ... but that means tcs has to go down or im gonna get bored townwalking

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Another way to play nod, as long as it isn't using a computer would be fantastic! iOS or android or html5.
Make it happen!!!!!
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I only have an iPhone atm, haven't used a comp in 3 yrs and I really miss nod, so I'm hoping for iNOD. If only droid I will have to figure something out, still the greatest news ever to me.
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Old 08-30-2014, 10:58 AM   #47
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I vote for android...
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Old 08-30-2014, 06:30 PM   #48
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Android please
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Given the fact that I started a thread in ideas and suggestions ages ago asking for exactly that...I'd throw my full support behind an android app.
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Android all the way!!!!!!!
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...just a fading, memory...

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I have a droid phone and also use an iPad. I've tried playing on both devices and it works fine in my native browser on my phone, but for the iPad you have to download a browser other than safari (which, low battery, no charger, and needing an iOS update I wasn't able to download one) I haven't even been able to test on my iPad yet.

So, I will say iOS simply because I would rather lug my iPad around for a larger gaming screen than my phone but smaller than my laptop.
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I just got a Nook HD, so I'll throw in a vote for Android.
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