report in arena.
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Default report in arena.

can you actually make the button worth pressing. some people deserved to be banned for throwing matches :[
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Please note the origin of this, we lost a match I did not throw. subsequently demon started harassing me that it was a "sure thing win" and I must have thrown. I never start crap on nod, you all know this. The report button will amount to granting the small minority who make this game unfun the power to punish people for being "nubs" or losing "sure thing" fights, or (god forbid) answering the phone/taking a piss and forgetting to unq.
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It's worth pressing, but it won't get anyone banned from arena unless there's an actual pattern of them doing something wrong.
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Each person who "throws" turns out to be just a random afk or someone who doesn't know pvp well.
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my 2 cents. I am easily top 5 most hated nodders currently. I still do not believe anyone in nod is as na?ve and childish to intentionally throw a match. when you think someone is throwing a match cuz you're on their team or cuz you're against someone important. question a few things

1) do we dislike each other? (in case of anon skip this step)

2) who is on enemy team? are they friends with them?

3) who has more rating. guy on your team...since you had freaking orence? or the guy he is supposedly feeding? or if he's just doing it to drag you down ask yourself. which of us has more rating? who would suffer more? the dude who is ranked 8th in arena...orence? or... the dude who is ranked.. 33rd if you're playing someone else's toon. or 55th on your own. both seem a bit lower than #8.

4) are they childish enough to throw?

5) is the other person scuzzy enough to ask people to throw for them?

tl;dr: get over yourself anyone who thinks they're self important enough to have people throw matches against them. arena prize ain't worth throwing for. you aren't important or hated enough to be worth throwing for. and my friend ain't paying me enough to throw for them. like seriously. why would anyone in this format throw? flat out? 1st place is fairly secure. maybe to bump someone up to 9th? cuz all the people in 10th care sooooooooooooooooooo much about a silly lg gem. or we got throwing around the 30th spot cuz everyone totally cares about the 5 tc prize. if you're not near one or the other, and you still think someone is throwing. get over yourself :{

random afks happen. people play nod at work. people play nod while they have kids. people get phone calls. people run to bathroom thinking they got enough time. people do stupid stuff. it sucks. live with it.
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Originally Posted by Soxson View Post
Each person who "throws" turns out to be just a random afk or someone who doesn't know pvp well.
It's also the same people that constantly say " i queue at work, and my supervisor came in" or " I forgot I was queued, and went to answer the door or take a bathroom break..."

stuff gets old, but suppose glitch can't really do much about it unless there is more evidence, or a pattern like he says.

But, the biggest throwers imo are the people who are AFK, without a doubt.
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