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Penalty for being AFK in Arena
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Post Penalty for being AFK in Arena

There has been many of us who often lose matches because someone was AFK, or because they didn't have their priorities straight when it came to queuing up for Arena.

That being said, for the people who are AFK they should get no arena bonus, no tokens, and 3x more rating lost for being AFK. It's absolutely frustrating for people to hit the Queue button, and not take it serious. I understand stuff happens in life, if an emergency happens, they can deal with the occasional AFK penalty I think.

This would really make people think about " Is there anything I need to do before i hit the queue button?" Instead of wasting others time by queuing and giving free wins lol. I understand the randomness of this format, but there is no penalty for being AFK, and on top of that our report options are fairly minimal.

It seems pretty fair to me, what about you guys? you screw over 2 people, including yourself by not being present. you should lose 3x more rating, and your teammates should lose the normal amount that they would. ( Unless they were AFK too)...

So a simple way to code this would be, After the Defiance timer runs out, if you haven't moved your mouse, clicked a portrait, pressed a key, or anything. you are considered AFK, and if you die after this defiance timer runs out, you receive the penalty. That is 10 seconds a player has to at least press a key, move, or something. Obviously, if you're stun locked, you would have at least moved your mouse, or pressed a key. so that "i was stun locked the whole 10 seconds" wouldn't count towards you not trying to do an action.

What do you guys think?

P.S. not getting rating and tokens is not really a punishment a big enough punishment. kinda like having to sit after class for being late, it's not really a punishment that anyone would care about. The point of this should be to discourage AFK'ers. Being AFK is just an excuse to throw a match, and say you didn't actually throw it.

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