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Newbie Casters Guide
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Exclamation Newbie Casters Guide

I want to help all my fellow casters out there to start out strong. Instead of bumbling around like I did, and searching for guides that I didn't understand yet. Here is a good way to start your caster. You can ignore it if you like or follow it. The choice is yours. Cheers. Add things if i missed them and tell me if you like it.

STEP 1 - BARE MINIMUM (First build for all Casters)

1. Learning
-->Pasive Learning = Lv-1

2. Death Magic
--> Diabolism = Lvl-1
Buy "Ignition Rank 1" (Red Gem)
-Lets you kill rats and crabs within 10 second. even if you miss miss miss. very useful for low lvls.
-Horde up your trophies and stay at the docks. it should be the fastest exp. Snakes and foxes are good too, but they take too long to kill.

3. Life Magic
--> Sorcery = Lvl-1
--> White Magic = Lvl-2
Buy "Healing Touch Rank 1" (White Gem) or "Heaven's Glance Rank 1" or "Gradual Repair Rank 1"
-Cheap and efficient HoT (Heal over time) or a big 1 shot heal.

4. Life Magic
--> Sorcery = Lvl-2
--> Green Magic = Lvl-2 (OPTIONAL)
Buy "Sylvain Restoration Rank 1" (Green Gem) or another white healing gem.
-There are 3 white healing spells and 2 green healing spells. Pick two of your favourite.
-Once you have 2 healing spells. you want to start heading to T2 (town 2).
-Don't worry With heal and ignition, you can kill orc boss at lvl 1
-Just travel back and forth from T1 and T2 to earn Adventuring skills. (ItemStack Lvl-5 + BackPack Lvl-8)

5. Death Magic
--> Staves = Lvl-7
Buy Lvl-7 stave (stonhad)
-set passive learning on staves for 2 days and it should be lv-7
-As soon as you have lvl 7 staves. go to T2 magic shop and buy that new staff.
-Don't waste your money, just jump from newbie staff to lvl 7 staff.
-Keep doing T1 to T2 until you get your Suiting to lvl 8.

6. Protection
-->Suiting = Lvl-8
Buy Lvl-8 armors (Fenelia)
-setting your passive learning skill while you sleep, and on suiting, after 2 days your suiting will be lvl-8
-As soon as you have lvl 8 suiting, go to T3 armor shop and buy the whole set for armor.
-If you are around lvl 3, the newt shouldn't be too much of a problem. Get a group to pass it if you're lower.

With your basics done, you can now kill lvl 5-6 solo easily.


There are essentially 3 types of Casters. Direct Damage, Damage over Time, and Heal/Support.

Direct Damage Type: Focus primairly on one or two colors and shoot high lvl magic at enemy for high damage. Will often use magic damage boosting gems like Flare Up. These types will have a lot of INT to maximize the damage dealt. One of the major problems with this build is to keep the other skills in balance. You have to sacrifice some stats into CNC so you don't miss so much. And not to mention the mana/energy usage is a lot higher you might find yourself running out of Mana after every battle. This type also needs a little luck. Sometimes you just don't pull your high damage spells until very late, by that time you could be in some trouble.

Damage Over Time Type: Kills enemy by constantly chipping away at their life with negative effect gems. Burning, bleeding, forsaken, poison, and disease. These 5 effects become very strong when stacked together. Imagine loosing 5-10 hp every second, that's pretty deadly. The spells also are guaranteed to do full damage if they hit and can't be blocked or reduced. Beacuse of this, INT is not as important. Instead You focus more on CNC for accuracy and M.ST for a bigger pool of mana to cast more deadly effects. These types aren't quite as strong as DD types can be but are more reliable. You don't have to worry about which gem you choose because they all work together as a team instead of individually.

Heal/support Type: Majority of their attacks done are via their weapon. Instead of focusing on dealing magic damage, they focus their magic on: Healing, Daze/Stun/Mes, Repel/Resist/Negate, or focus on Melee. The most common type would be the healer. Essentially they attack with their stick and heal people when needed. There are some sword+shield wielding magicians that use recastable gems, and there are some melee type mages which use DoT to whittle down their opponent. Each type has their strenghts and weaknesses.

Warlocks, Wizards, and Enchanters are the best for DD type due to their class bonus.
Druids, Priests, and Angels are best at support, or Damage over Time due to their class bonus.
Magicians, necromancers, and Jewlers are good at both DOT and DD due to their class bonus.


Depending on which class you choose and the type of magic you like, you should get a couple decent damage attack spells. Downtime is important, make sure you are efficient. You want to be able to battle more, and rest/heal less. A balance of Mana and Energy will help. If you do pure Mana spells, you might want to get a Mana regen, or energy shifting gem. Recastables will keep your magic flying but cost a little more to cast and they stay in magic slot. Single cast spells cost a little less, and free up their slot after you cast. BTW, diffrent level DoT's will stack together. Ignition rank 1 + Ignition rank 2 = higher damage. But Aura's don't. Flare Up + Damage Enhance Aura = only +7 max damage.

Grey = reliable, mid range damage, uses mana
Blue = Very stable, Low damage, uses Mana and energy
White = reliable, mid range damage, uses energy
Black = unstable, high damage, uses energy
Green = unstable, high damage, uses mana
Red = Unstable, Highest damage, uses Mana

For each gem you want to put in your pouch, you need a lvl of the following skills according to the color.
-Mind Bending = blue/grey
-Diabolism = red/black
-Sorcery = white/green

Here is an example of a caster's gem pouch.
For lvl 5 and under. This pouch carries 2 Healing gems that keep a slot each, and a Mana regen gem that also keeps a slot. This means those 3 gems won't be cycling. I will be either pulling my Main attack (ignition) or a secondary attack that will let me pull a gem again right after use.

Basic DoT (Damage over Time) pouch. good for lvl 5 and under.
-sylvain restore (green/mana Lv-2)
-gradual repair (white/energy Lv-2)
-Ignition (red/mana Lv-0)
-Trendsendance (blue Lv-0) or Balance (blue Lv-0)
-Damage catniptrick (blue/mana+energy Lv-0)

Here is another sample of a gem pouch. This one is for when your Magics get around Lv5. It has a damage boosting gem that keeps a slot, speeds up gem drawing also keeping a slot, and a Energy to Mana shifting gem that also keeps a slot. The other 4 spells are all damage. Because of the speed up and power boost, you can kill faster and shouldn't need heal.

Red/Blue Combo Pouch. Good for people with low Magic lvl.
-Flare Up Aura (red Lv-5)
-Balance (Blue lv-0)
-Gem Haste Aura (blue)
-Inferno (red/mana Lv-5) or whatever your main attacking spell is.
-Damage Caniptrick (blue/mana Lv-0)
-Damage Caniptrick (blue/mana Lv-5)
-Ignition (red/mana Lv-0) can replace with secondary atk spell.

STEP 4 - GROWING STRONGER (In order of importance)

Aside from Your Staves and Suiting skills, there are the 8 skills I find to be important to getting strong.

1. Death Magic (For DD Types)
--> Destruction = Lvl-10~Lvl-15
This helps increase the damage done by Direct Damage gems.

2. Weponary
--> Two Handed (for staves) = your lvl
--> Critical Strike = your lvl
--> Overcrit = your lvl
More melee damage. Stronger than your spells for now.

3. Protection
--> Parry = your lvl
This makes you take less damage. At this point, you might want to lvl up your fav color magic for new gems before your pet.

4. Beast Mastery
--> Pet Taming = lvl 10
You can finally equip your first pet. Sewer rat helps to attack your enemies.

5. Psyc Magic
--> Wizardry = Lvl-10
You get 2nd GEM POUCH! And speeds up your gem Drawing.

6. Death Magic
--> Sleigh of Hand = Lvl-10
This helps you get gems faster. you won't notice much until it's lvl 10+.
By this time you should have your two favourite colors 5 lvls higher than your physical lvl.

7. Psyc Magic
--> Divination = Your Level
Start with an extra gem in play, and lowers your mana regeneration.

8. Psyc Magic
--> Gem Handling = Lvl-10
Allows you to put doubles of a gem in your pouch. Fill your slots with copies of your strongest spells.


My guide is done. By this time you're probally lvl 10 and have a good sense of what you want to do. If not you've probally asked for suggestions in the civil channel and have a general outline of what to do next. I wish you well and maybe we'll duel one day. Be safe and keep the Magic flying.

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you should add sleight of hand to the list. as well as wizardry and gem handling.
sleight of hand lets you double cast
wizardy increases you gem haste
gem handling increases the chance of starting battle with aura's already in play, and lets you have more then one of the same kind of gem in your pouch.
of the three, wizardry is the most important. get it to lvl ten ASAP. that way you have an escape pouch, for the random bosses that try to eat you alive.
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Thanks Hopilus. Actually i did put them in there. it's under Step 4. Importance #5,#6, and #8. and yea i agree. wizadry is most important out of the 3.
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MAGNOZ's Newbie Caster Guide - Part 2 - The DOT Caster

One of the things I've noticed playing Nodiatis, is the horrible accuracy I have throwing DD spells at higher lvl mobs. Actually I seem to have an easier time hitting DoT spells. Perhapse I shouldn't be hunting Black mobs. But then again, why not make the best of this situation and focus on DoT for a while. DoT spells and DD spells are essentially the same. Here's an example, If you cast a Ignition Rank 2 (Burns for 10 over 10 seconds). After the 10 seconds, you would have done the same amount of damage as a Krozzixes Rank 7 (Recast: 12 to 12 dmg, delay 10 seconds). As long as your DoT spell last it's duration, it's going to be just as strong or stronger than using a DD spell of the same Rank. The best part, is the damage is guaranteed to be the same, no matter what the opponents level or defense. As for the Class Bonus, you won't really get a significant increase in damage from them until you're closer to rank 10 gems. Let's build a DoT Caster.

Staves = Lv 7+ - Always spend a little time to lvl up your stave skill. Good idea to keep it higher than your physical level.
- Get your level 7 staff as soon as possible.
- After you get rank 2 gems, focus on getting the Level 13 staff.
Suiting = Lvl 8+ - Same thing goes for your armor, you depend on it to survive.
- Once you got your level 7 staff, get your armor to 8 as soon as possible.
- Before you start going after level 9+ monsters, try to get your level 11 set armor.
- By the time you head to T4, you should have moved to the level 14 set armor.
Wizardy = Lvl 10+ - You really want that 2nd pouch for escaping and Health/Mana/Energy regen. Helps a lot!
- for those who can resurect, mana/energy is key if both other group members die.
Gem Handle = Lvl 10+ - For lvls 8 and higher, duplicate gems are ideal cause there are limited gem spells you want to use.
Petmanship = Lvl 12+ - Optional to have a pet. It helps with damage a bit.
- Level 10 rat will hit around 3 damage when it attacks. (cost around 500)
- Level 12 turtle will hit around 6 when it attacks, sometimes more. (cost around 2500)
- Level 18 chipmunk will be your first healing pet. Get it now ONLY if you have the patience.

-Focus mainly on building Magic.
-CNC is the main stat that affects your accuracy; add that. Even if you are going DD later, you will still need CNC, you can always pump INT later.
-If you feel you are too low health. Raise your suiting to the next set of armor. If you need more HP, add just a little DUR.
-If you feel you are running out of Mana/Energy. Try adding 1 or 2 Mana/Energy regen gems to your pouch. Need more? Add a little P.ST for more energy.
-Don't waste your stats on increasing M.ST. Keep your stats for INT or CNC. Wait it out. At level 20 you get more MP.

Very simple. Pick the highest damage spells and put them in your pouch. Here is the list of the strongest DOT gems in order.

1. Stigmata
2. Toxicity
3. Malingering (At Rank 7, stronger than Toxicity. at Rank 10?, stronger than Stigmata)
4. Antigenesis
5. Roots of Vengence
6. Ignition

My Standard Low level DOT Pouch. Lvl-10.

1x Demonic Embrace-3(first slot)
2x Stigmata-3
2x Toxicity-3
2x Malingering-3
1x HealingTouch-2
1x Mana Cantrip-1
1x Balance-2

You want these skills to use it. White = Lvl 11, Sorcery = Lvl 10, Black = Lvl 11, Diabolism = Lvl 12, Blue = Lvl 10, Mind Bending = Lvl 2. The DD in the first slot keeps your DPS up. Also great for ending battles when enemy is almost dead. Healing spell is for backup. Incase enemy got really lucky with criticals. If not, just let it sit in a slot and use it when you need it. Balance and Mana cantrip are for mana/energy regeneration. If mana is not keeping up, just add another mana cantrip and take out a malingering or the heal.
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you are wrong. you want to focus mainly on Melee. then magic. str and dex is slightly more important, especially later on.
The war is waged, the battles are fought, the Angels and the Demons vow that none shall be left standing. Compassion, never to be seen on the battlefield, one lone angel left standing at the battle's end, sword against her foes throat, tears in her eyes, for her fallen comrades and the slain enemies around her, staring into the eyes of the last demon, lowers her sword, a single act of compassion and mercy, never to be forgotten.
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Thumbs up

Ok, I read your post and noticed a few things.
1. Don't just jump up and grab the 8 suiting armor atleast get the level 3 or 6 armor, otherwise you'll be taking alot of damage and since casters don't start with high HP thats a bad thing.
2. Yes Red Magic is very unstable in its damage but paired with good Int and a Flare Up aura it can do wonder. My Caster is level 9 and with Flare Up rank 2, 120 Int and Inferno rank 3 just magic crit for 40.
3. Destruction doesn't increase magic direct damage, it increases magic crit damage. Like Overcrit does for melees.
4. Sleight of Hand also give a .1% chance to double cast any gem (healing, DOT, DD etc)
5. As Hopilus said, Str and Dex are important when using staves. Staves are a crushing weapon so Str will play an important role with accuracy and damage.
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