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Default ????

wrong section...

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what? all i see is a player who has taken it upon himself to make others aware we have an undesired person amongst us. i brought this to admin attention and nothing was done... alot of people have already iggied the person flippy is talking too, which if anybody isnt sure who that is. its BLAZE.

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first if that's my rant at blaze and loony last night it belongs in /u forums... as I didn't exploit anything and its not a bug.

secondly I assume its completely out of context/
BLaze laid into a new player in /c calling them idiots and a little girl. RT and I told him to lay off. He lost it and said he wants to f*** my daughter. Knowing full well Loony has him on warning and the fact a couple loons were defending that action was quite disappointing it took a rant to get him kicked.

end of story.

omg i wanna sammich nao

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