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Farmed Fungi Forest with Lakki and Soxson Grouped.

Sox is group leader. Lakki is second. Nomicon was third.

Encounters a fungi mob. mob dies. arena queue forces chest to open on both toons.
Lakki is able to resource. Soxson is not.

This one is interesting. i'll see if i can record both tabs at the same time, and replicate the issue on footage.
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Yeah, still happening. Team leader (Barsoom for me) doesn't get the resource opportunity. Not sure if it matters, but this time it gave the "No treasure to open." message when arena took us out of combat. I'm not sure if that happened consistently before.

(Was going to append a screenshot but the insert image button wants to go to http rather than let me pick a local image or paste in the jpg.)
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Upload to imgur.com and then use the bbc and forums link and paste directly here. Don't need to use the forums insert image tool either.
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The fix isn't live yet. Don't bother reporting.
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