LG Gift boxes
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Default LG Gift boxes

Im assuming this is only for released legendaries and not yet to be released legendaries

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"...to allow for a much greater amount of potential LG crafters on both servers..."

I believe you mean to say "a much greater number."

*straightens glasses*

Beat that, Nibblez.
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If the objective is to give people gifts, a consumable recipe is a much better idea. It encourages use of the particular legendary and is basically a 4-5 million gold off coupon for the legendary item in question. If the goal is to get rid of monopolies, then the process of getting the skill to craft the actual item needs to be made easier so that more people can actually craft these items. Distributing master recipes will not accomplish anything in my opinion. It will actually make getting the lg beast kill less rewarding if anything as folks can always just wait for the next gift box to spawn the recipe instead of pay 20 mill or so for the new item which is perfectly reasonable. Honestly, there is not a single item that is not available to everyone on server one for little more than crafting cost. We are trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist. My 2 cents.
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This is a s2 LG buff
Get over it.
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I think the idea is to get masters back in circulation on S2 in a hurry, which is a very generous move really since it includes previously LGs previously undropped on that server (with the convenient bonus of encouraging bulk TC sales).

Consumables in gifts would suit S1 better no doubt, as there are already multiple masters for the most popular items. If you get a consumable drop you don't like, you've much more chance of finding a seller (or maybe dust it....anyone ever tried to dust a LG TP?).

Might also encourage people to try out some of the lesser used items in novel builds, which I reckon is the intention behind some of the procs.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
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i dusted a lg level 100 gem on accident ... my bad ... do not talk about that lol
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Originally Posted by Enduir View Post
anyone ever tried to dust a LG TP?).

Yadocxer dusted one, got 7 dusts if memory serves me right xD I like the idea of it, but in the same time i agree that maybe TPs should be dropped, monopoly doesnt exist on S1 cause there's at least a few people that i know that can craft various LGs. On S2 on the other hand none of the non-botters that have been banned can craft anything LG, only a few can craft T30s. So yes, making that easier would make sense for S2 but not for S1 as people are already there.

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