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These questions seem to consistently come up in the game:

Where are the trophies?
Trophies are the body parts (rat's teeth, crab claw, etc.) that appear in the looting box on the left of the screen after you've killed a monster. They can be sacrificed at the altars for skill points in various disciplines.

How does xp work?
You gain experience from killing monsters. This xp goes toward your stat points, depending on what you've selected as active, either Melee, Magic, Defense, Recovery, or Class Enhancement. For every 4 levels in Melee, Magic, Defense, or Recovery, or any combination thereof, you gain a player level.

How do I get gold?
Gold is received from treasure chests and from selling items. Once you've killed a boss(each area has a boss monster that is harder than the rest), you'll receive items like armor and weapons or other equipment that you can either use, or sell to the store in town or auction to other players for more gold.

How do I sell things?
You can sell items by trading with other players or by selling to one of the stores in town. Each item has a cost and a selling price. The selling price is the amount you will receive if you sold the item to the store and is in parentheses.

How do I raise archery, slashing, etc.?
All skills except for Resourcefulness, Social, Adventuring, Crafting, Artistry, Learning and Stats are raised by either setting the skill to Passive or by sacrificing trophies to the appropriate altar in the church in town. Particular skills in a group will go up when a trophy is sacrificed to that altar depending on which skill is set to Active. Learning skills can only be set to Active and will go up incrementally all the time, even when logged off. Stat skills go up every time you kill something, when you have Adventure Time. Adventuring skills go up every time you travel between towns, when you at least start out with Adventuring Time. Social skills go up when you trade with others for gold. Crafting, artistry and resourcefulness skills have not been implemented as of yet.

I'll try and post more questions and answers as I come across them
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Some links for the faq


Trophy ratios

Tropy amounts




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