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Interesting Arena Format Suggestion
Old 08-13-2016, 04:44 AM   #1
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Default Interesting Arena Format Suggestion

So here we are again rush week, tensions are high and competition at maximum e-peen lol...

The one constant though as usual is people are starting to feel kinda burnt out and just want it to be over with. It seems like the arena format has yet to find that "sweet spot" between required grind and duration. I think this is the first season no teams have cracked 3000 rating prior to rush week, and the top teams have been queuing for hours daily trying to do so.

As such i formally suggest this: Lets just do away with the "season" once and for all.

Instead, I suggest this very interesting format, on a 2 month cycle


Weekend mini tournament : 1st qualifier
Weekend mini tournament : 2nd qualifier
Final rush week

First qualifier: one pool
Tier 1: all of nod free for all

Second qualifier: 2 pools
Tier 1: top 50 from previous qualifier only fight each other
Tier 2: remaining player free for all

Final Rush week: 3 pools
Tier 1: Top 25 from previous Tier 1 face off for championship
Tier 2: Bottom 25 from previous tier 1 vs Top top 25 from previous tier 2
Tier 3: remaining player free for all

This would solve a lot of problems:
- You would only ever face teams that are relatively close in strength to your own
- Avoid weaker players getting discouraged from having to face 'op' teams
- Likewise, prevent 'op' teams' waiting a half hour for a 1 rating gain
- You could schedule time off to prepare and plan for each event
- increase participation... everyone will show up hungry for a weekend slug fest!

Add new strategy for Elite toons:
- You wouldn't have to spec as a healer or a tank for 6 months at a time
- Eliminate queue dodging, 2 days to queue up or be left in the dust
- Spec accordingly, if there are no casters in your bracket, leave the prevents at home...
- Avoid "build copying" Run a surprise setup that others may not have time to counter, stealing the win and rewarding smart players

In summary:
- get rid of the multi month slug fest grind,
- condense to 2 mini qualifiers and a rush week, spaced over 6 months
- slowly separate the wolves from the sheep each mini tournament
- have a final rush, where even the weaker teams still have a chance to win 1st place in their bracket

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Old 08-13-2016, 06:34 AM   #2
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how would tempering items and gaining tokens/rating to temper items work? cause im assuming with this setup every weekend mini tournament you would want all teams to start at lvl pegging.

interesting idea tho would def be nice to only have to serious arena over a weekend every couple months
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Old 08-13-2016, 10:07 AM   #3
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Well, I'm guessing you could just have tokens and rating accumulate, you keep what you earn from each qualifier...so harder you queued....more you earn just like now, but there would have to be an adjustment obviously in how fast you earned tokens, probs like start at 20 per match and go up because you only have 2 days.

There could also be a token and rating mini reward for each qualifier as well.

1st place in a qualifier gets 500 tokens
2nd 300,
3rd 100 .. etc

That part would have to be up to glitch whatever he thinks is fair.

I would say leave tempering as is...if you want to use your accumalted tokens early for a small temper, thats fine. If you want to save them up and use the 2 tier bonus at the end and get an 8x...all good too.

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Old 08-13-2016, 01:05 PM   #4
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i'd make a long comment expressing my opinion about this but despite years of suggestions afaik only change glitch has made to arena (aside from the solo queue arenas which still follow a fairly similar format..) is buffing prizes and lowering it from top 100 to top 50 teams. i assume he'll ignore this one like the rest :/
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