Speed up arena Q
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Default Speed up arena Q

Hi glitch, sorry to whine about this but the queue is just too damn slow, i realize there are less active teams, but often it is 20min waits. It also seems as if high win/loss rating slows queue down as well, often teams we beat get one or more matches (I can see the wins in clan chat) before we get another fight. Wonder if any other high winloss teams can confirm this as well.

I'd rather face the same team 20 times vs no matches at all, and with the slow rating system repeated losses still allow the weaker teams to earn.

My 2 cents:

5 minute maximum queue time
1 minute minimum queue time, or 1 one battle whichever is less
pair the highest rated teams vs each other as much as possible (seems like this happens already)
Enable repeat matchups if insufficient teams are queued

The match cap is fine and adds an element of strategy to the competition
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I understand how a slow queue can be frustrating for some players, however I'm sure I'm not alone in preferring a slow queue. I usually queue for the bonus and what rewards I can get with just my characters. A couple new tempers is nice bonus as well. With the current queue times, if its going fast (towards your slowest proposed time) I will stay out of queue because Ill be spending more time in arena than actually farming with bonus.

If there was a pve method of getting tempers (this is getting worked on?) I would have no issue with a faster queue as the arena would be mainly just the people wanting to pvp for the sake of pvp. However as it stands now, speeding the queue up too much will be just as annoying for the less pvp oriented people in arena as slower queues are for the pvp'ers as it currently stands.

Just for a point of view from the other side of the issue.
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to make a competitive run at an arena title u literally need to q all day, every day right now just to get in enough matches, never mind have a strong enough team

2 hrs daily should be plenty
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it would be nice but has been suggested many times, i think its just the lack of teams in queue that makes it so slow.. also i would like this, but not like it at the same time.. i enjoy arena, but not too much.. i like farming in between too so its kinda nice balance for me, but i can understand and relate to your frustrations.
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I'm just corious:

Strong teams has 2-3 k rating which is 30+ tokens per fight.

So with 5min max waiting time and marority wins it's 300 + tokens . Nodiatis (from my experience) keeps you "glued " to it for many hours a day and 2k tokens a day at that rate it's not that hard being able to fully temper all gear in less than month it's an exploit and that's the reason system works as intended .

There is plenty safeguards in game that prevents people to have it too easy such preys and fishes doesn't stack. Extremely long cool downs on crafting etc. I think there is a reason behind all mechanics .

I think it will never happen .

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