Burning Soul Bug
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Default Burning Soul Bug

When your toon is dazed and the mob hits u and triggers burning soul, the burning damage is turned back onto the toon...

not sure if is bug or not
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Your burning soul isn't an attack, its a effect, so daze shouldn't affect it. YOU GET 9001 TCS FOR THIS BUG DDDD

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Well here's the deal. That skill is kind of nice but it SUCKS BALLS cause daze does screw you over. But as far as I know the burning soul daze damage comes from you hitting yourself and proc'ing it on yourself, not from the mob hitting you, so not a bug.

(Glitchy correct me if I'm wrong plox)
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Daze can affect anything that involves targeting and the mechanics of Burning Soul require targeting. All the more reason to use gems and abilities to prevent being dazed.
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Thx Glitchy
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