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What exactly is the Diff. b/w Mezz and Stun
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Default What exactly is the Diff. b/w Mezz and Stun

Yeah, title says it all..... what EXACTLY is the diff?
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Stunning, Mesmerizing and Dazing will likely be gem effects in the future but are also going to be effects on certain epic weapons after beta. To clarify what they mean:

Stun - a target that is stunned cannot perform any combat actions, also while stunned the timer that determines when he can draw another gem or do an autoattack/autoshot does not tick. This way even small stuns in between weapon swings still matter.

Mes - a target that is mes'ed cannot perform any combat actions. If he takes any damage, however, the mes will break. This is best utilized by solo players with high delay weapons or in 1v1 duels.

Daze - a target that is dazed will find that his auto attacks/shots and gem effects hit random targets. 50% they are friendly and 50% they are enemy so when dazed you may want to stop swinging lest you hit yourself or an ally.
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