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what use is untrain 1 skill point ?
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Default what use is untrain 1 skill point ?

When i click on it,xp go off and none of that :-( Thanks for answer.
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Me too.
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Default Me too.

I also would like to know what happens before I start wasting experience trying to figure it out.

If I right-click and select 'untrain a point' on a trained skill, will the xp be transferred to another skill if that skill is selected for 'Active' experience? Or does the xp for the point you untrain just go into the Cosmic Cesspool?

If so, why the option to untrain a skill?

Inquiring minds need to know.

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When you untrain a skill the exp just goes away, you can not transfer it to a different skill.

There are two times when this could be useful:

To lower a Crafting or Artistry skill below level 20 (as of the latest patch) so that you can specialize in a different one in either category.

To lower a stat skill, supposing you would like to change your build significantly, or if you'd like to drop a couple player levels to farm an earlier area for specific drops or trophies. (Note: to lower a stat skill you must first pay to redistribute the stat points, close the dialog box before actually redistributing them, and then you can untrain the levels)
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hhhmmmm redistribute ???
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Default hhhmmmm redistribute ???

i thought that the meaning of redistribute was basically to take from one place and then put it in another place....
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Old 02-07-2009, 03:23 PM   #5
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Redistributing stats lets you put the stats in a new place.
Untraining skills makes you permanently lose skill levels.
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The point of untraining a skill point WAS because oyu could only take certain skills to level 10 if one is above lvl 10 (resource gathering for example) so if you took one you didn't want above then you could drop it and switch. This was the only point i saw to it.

omg i wanna sammich nao
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