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Self Preservation/Reflection
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Default Self Preservation/Reflection

Self Preservation:
This skill reduces the damage you deal to yourself, accidental or otherwiser, by up to 33%

Self Reflection:
This skill further reduces the damage you deal to yourself, accidental or otherwise, by up to 50%

When these skills are both maxed how do they interact?

Self Preservation is obvious. You max it and you have 33% reduction.

Self Reflection is where I get a bit confused because of the wording. If you look at a number of other skills that interact they usually include something saying "with both skills maxed... blah blah blah" however in this instance the wording uses "This skill further reduces"

Now further, when used in this context, would usually mean in addition to what already exists.

So my understanding with both maxed Self Preservation reduces your self damage by 33% so you only take 67% damage from yourself. Then, because further means in addition to, you reduce that by 50%. Which would make you take 33.5% damage which means a total effective damage reduction of 66.5%.

Now I put this question to some other players and their understanding was that with both skills maxed it would be 50% total reduction. If this is the case then the wording on Self Reflection needs to be changed. If the 66.5% total damage reduction is correct then... I guess just clarification is needed?
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Computing the probability that at least one of the following events will occur:
P(a or b ... or z) = 1 - P(!a and !b ... and !z)
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That's a lot of sixes.
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