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Expansion beyond combat.
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Default Expansion beyond combat.

Hi, some of you might know me from around the game.... but most probably not. I am generally a recluse when it comes to this game, sticking to people I know and trust... .

Now that self-introduction is out of the way, on to the idea/suggestion!

Just kidding, first a bit of background on why I am making this suggestion. Personally I took a break from nodiatis because I found that the "grind" was just unappealing, and hitting level 85 does not help. I wanted to do more... whats more you say? well I don't want to just kill mobs... I want to interact in some way... I don't want to just kill mobs and resource, I don't want to just die in arena and grind out some wins, I just don't want to grind anymore! The progression has stagnated for me and I feel the game has lost its luster. Now this is just my own feelings, and by no means am I saying that its lost appeal for anyone else, and I am not making this thread just so people can come here to whine about that.

No, I want to discuss a solution to that... maybe add something to create a new sense of progression. What about giving clans the ability to generate quests and rewards of some sort? I am sure a text base story/encounter system could be implemented in some way...

Or maybe create an alternate channel where "epic quests" become a glitchless run quest time that everyone can participate in?

The epic beasts and levels are a step in the right direction in my opinion so kudos to that ... I just want to see more interaction between players and more goals than just combat. Combat is just a means to an end, and just bettering ourselves in my opinion becomes stale and boring after the first year.

So I hope this sparks an interesting line of thought here and that others will add their own ideas on this subject or debate why these ideas shouldn't/couldn't be implemented.

Oh, and
Thank you for your time.
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The problem you have is actually in the first line of your thread, where you say you are a little of a recluse. Most of the fun things in the game involve player interaction, whether it be crafting, being a part of a team that takes down a very tough boss, running a clan, coming up with effective strategies for areana by maximising the way your class and build can augment different builds and classes in different ways etc. Pm me in game if you wanna get involved and want introducing to some lovely and fun players, there are loads around in lots of different clans

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As I stated in another thread

Originally Posted by >.> View Post
There is a way to incorporate epic task like quests into a daily task thing for normal players. It go something like this:

The local X population is overrunning a nearby/distant town, they would greatly appreciate your assistance in dealing with the matter.

You then get gold based on the distance travelled (from the town you picked up the quest in) and how many of that X you had to kill. It would not say the town so it would require some thinking and knowledge of mobs so it would be like a beast hint of sorts. An example of one would be like....

*you pick up the quest in t2*
The local walrus population is overrunning a distant town. The townsfolk would greatly appreciate your help with the matter and would be willing to pay you for your time.

*accepts quest*
Excellent, kill 20 of the invading creatures and bring the local seer the *trophy item* (in this case ivory tusks iirc)

You get a killing quest for 20 Walrus and a collection for 20 tusks. It will not say it is near slevisk so you would need to figure that out.

Since you started in t2 you would go there complete the quests and get gold (ranging from 5-50k depending on the distance travelled) and there is a new quest every few hours randomly so it is not a rigid schedule.
and OA, they are in clans, 2 of them, they are just saying that they are not one of the civil social butterflies so the social aspect that many enjoy via public chat channels does not appeal to them. They would rather stick to clan chats with their friends.

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