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What exactly affects pet heals?
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Default What exactly affects pet heals?

Hehe, ok...lemme explain what I want, and maybe someone who can do this/get it to happen faster than I can can post SS's can help What I'm looking for, is EXACTLY what helps pet heals. It's MUCH easier to figure this out WITHOUT whips...so anyone who wants to help, please to so w/o whips, and w/o the BM class

What I/Nod knows affects heals:
Pet max(F&I for attack pets obviously causes a heal of same range)
Stalking(1% per lvl)
Str of pet
Petmanship Lvl

What I'm pretty certain of:
Feroicity(when F&I triggers both for heal and attack pets, 0.25% per lvl)

What I/Nod am trying to be certain of:
Ferocity(when F&I DOES NOT trigger, obviously for a heal pet)
Rune of Pain

Now, I'll give my numbers here real quick just to give an idea of what I think atm:
Dual seals(32 max heal)...one has a +9 str stone, the other has nothing.
Petmanship: 53
Stalking: 0
Ferocity: 31 (7.75% bonus)
Rune of Pain: N/A

Now, I have had these same levels for 2+ months of farming on premium, so this is over 180 hours of watching(yes I do indeed watch rofl) I have never seen a heal for over 32 to this day from my pets. The only thing I have ever seen is 39, and that is from my 58 BP, I would definitely see 33-38 as well if my seal could indeed hit 39, so that's not it

IF str affected heals, my seal w/+9 str stone could heal:
172/163*32 = 33.76, or 34. I have never seen this so am sure that str doesn't affect heals.

If petmanship affected heals, I would never see more than:
53/70*32=24.22 or 24. I'm fighting lvl 70/71 mobs, and see 32s all the time, so petmanship vs mob lvl obviously plays no role.

What I'm waiting for, is ferocity...however, I could see:
32*1.0775=34.48 or 34 heals, when F&I triggers(supposedly). I personally have never seen this with my F&I @ 30, which is a 15% chance for attack+heal, so it should have happened in ~2 months. So ferocity may only affect heals for attack pets. On the other hand, I have heard of owls healing for 75-78, when their theoretical max should be 74(37*2 from stalking only)...which means stalking+ferocity works at some point, *probably* only when F&I triggers even for heal pets. So this one is still up in the air.

When F&I does not trigger though, again, I've never seen higher than 32 period...and it would make sense that ferocity doesn't trigger for heal pets when F&I doesn't trigger, but I(or really the description) could be wrong.

Rune of Pain:
No clue here...I would expect this to only affect the attacks, but given the fact that ferocity seems to help heals, I wouldn't be surprised if pain rune affected heals as well.

**What I'm looking for:
SS's of your BM skills, your pets(preferably heal pets, or at least the higher lvl pet, so i can see what str stone is on it, if any) and of your highest pet heal. Also info on any pain rune you may be wearing at the time.

**Please only post if you get something higher than:
PetBase*(1+0.01*Stalking)*(1+0.0025*Ferocity) for attack pets, or
PetBase*(1+0.01*Stalking) for healing pets

Also, try not to be actually attacking when doing this, so it's easier to tell if F&I triggered, as Smash did here in the next post fighting in Spass.

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ok a quick 5 min test and here is the screenies:

firstly though, both pets have +18 str, and im using attack pets.

cause i forgot: i have an epic pain on (8%) and i did see a 56, but ****ed up, so the 55 is best i could get lol, will do more tomorrow when im more awake.

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OK, just FYI:

31*1.69*1.1725 = 61.4, so you should see up to 61 heals. Lemme know if you see higher than 61

That's base*(1+0.01*Stalking)*(1+0.0025*Ferocity) for those of you wondering where those ##s come from. I should have mentioned that first heh....I'll add to the OP to only post if you get something above that. Ty for quick response smash.

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