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Future LG items
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Default Future LG items

Last X amount of all lgs have only been pvp based, and purely because one or two people cry over x thing being stupid op. I'm all for adaptability, but this new toad isn't even going to make a difference to drains, and forking out 50m to counter maybe one person but then lose out on other core pets is pretty much never going to interest me.

The triage toad is stupid op when combined with its gem. It makes bms dps literally tiny compared to others. And stops bloodlets, so that pet and gem combo is going to be abused. Duality quiver, has its uses but again pvp only.

When are you going to finally bring out more pve based items for new builds that everyone is waiting for? Half of nod doesn't care about pvp, nor do they want to waste gold on items only for pvp. Majority of the community care more for pve, and were going to be waiting maybe four months for one new LG, which if its a new pve based item won't really do anything on its own, so for a new build its going to be maybe a year, if you plan to actually focus lgs back to pve.

Most of us wait for an LG hoping it's going to have some use, then we all get annoyed as its just an item someone complained about a mechanic being too op. Why not just release an epic gem that does what this pet does, or something similar, and make all the upcoming changes in that style, leaving all new lgs for new builds, there's not enough build choice in nod, you've also made it basically pointless being any pve build but bm, dcdd or dcdot. Overpowered lgs are fun and all, but we need new stuff please and thanks :3
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