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Default A word from Yergovy

It is a shame it end up this way.

I was not caught botting, but somebody shared my tool source to Glitchless. And becuse there is a line of code, that connects to one of my servers (which Glitchless was able to tie with my account) to gain me ability to allow/ban bot users, and I gone banned aswell.

Tool started as an tm-travel support with simple stick-to-zone travel algorithm, but I was sharing it for 10tc price and once people started to share their wishes it finally developed into full automation software. Auto-garhering of any resources (hacked minigames to freeze everything in place), fighting with drawing/replacing gems, changing targets in arena and autoqueuing, eating trophies into previously selected altars, collecting stats (median of goldchest, gold-per-minute etc). It's a shame I do not have a video of it in work, but I guess I gonna find a way to make one sooner or later.

When Sentez was banned along with two other people whom toons he was using I was sure that at least one of those two will try to barter unbanning for source. Pretty interested in who is he. Was willing to be first and just share it with Glitch, but I'm on full-speed wedding preparation and have a little time. Anyway, from my side I have disabled bot for 22 left accounts (last ~4 players lol) along with around 300 IP adresses (those dynamic IPs...) to not take anyone more with me and Sent.

It is last time I have not charged real money for this kind of tool. Glitchless code is awesome and as it started as an exercise, it end up a challenge to work with it to figure out how to do all those things. Thanks to him I have learned a lot of tricks and also how to make an advanced Chrome extension. Maybe it will end up in way that I will scrap a statistics collecting part from what is done already and publish it in Chrome Webstore to have at least a partial redemption among you, people.

I do have a few ideas on how to fix lags on s1 and to improve game in few other aspects, but I guess Glitch will work on it by himself. Btw, Glitch, your names are allowed on tool. Feel free to use it to train on how to prevent it. As you can check, no passwords are hijacked, only IPs and names.

There is also reason why I was so upset with Sentez ban. He was the only one person, who was always near his PC as of self-employment. We made a lot of fun off him once he was banned, because he turned bot on for 2 minutes to go and say his gf goodnight. And once I totally agree with banning myself, I will always have misfeelings about Sentez being banned.

Saladine, I am so much sorry I finally decided to join your arena team knowing whats on air. I made it because I was not willing to pair my IP adresses with toons I had never-used access to. Hopefully you will forgive me.

Glitch, sorry to you too. I am at full respect to you and I'm sad that it was not me to share this code with you.

Take care people,
PS: its quite a shame that almost no crafters/lg-masters survived that last wave on s2. It's quite a server reboot.


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*joins s2 cause of no more op botters*

Broke 4k pet crit :O Buff BM nao!
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Normally we'd remove a botter's farewell post, but since he's being honest and not trying to cast blame elsewhere like is normally done, we'll let this stay as is.

There's one important lesson about botting, and that is that we always eventually catch you. Yesterday night's server reset was to upgrade our detection methods, of which there are many. Bots of the nature that were being used will now be caught rather easily regardless of whether or not you are attended while using it. Never use programs like these with the false belief that you are safe if you are there to respond to an admin query, as there are other ways to confirm botting.

It is unfortunate that it took this long to take down the botters on S2, but as Darklord's post above indicates, there may at least be some potential for people to want to join S2 to fill the power vacuum that has been left.
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can u please atleast lock these threads

these pieces of ****s and frauds are acting on forums like they were some great guys

good or bad whatever i am i am .....not going to change and not going to pretend <3 and i will never be intimidated by anyone ever !!!

be careful of those alpha nerds !!!

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